Learn Past Life Regression

Learn Past Life Regression

Non hypnotic Past Life Regression course in Calgary

Would you like to help your friends or clients to learn more about their past?

A Past Life Regression is a spiritual Therapy. It is a method of healing the soul’s deepest wounds.

What is a non-hypnotic past life regression?

In this technique the clients become co-facilitators. They are fully conscious during the session, and maintain absolute conscious control over everything they choose to remember, and to re-experience. That makes the session safe. The client always has a choice to preview all situations before deciding to experience them.

The technique is based on the non-hypnotic method created by Bryan Jameison in 1968, a Master Past-Life regression practitioner. He was internationally recognized as a true pioneer in the field of past-life therapy.

Duration varies between 20-30 hours (that depends on how much time you need).

You will learn:

– About Reincarnation

– How to guide the releasing technique, to open up the memory

– How do guide the past life journey with the Higher Self

– How to guide the Meeting with the Inner Helper

– How to guide the Meeting with the Inner Healer

– How to bring back your client or friend into the present

– What to do in special situations during a Past Life Regression

– You will practise Past Life Regression sessions

– You will experience a Past Life Regression

– You will get a certificate

This is a very complex course, which you will never forget. You will learn so much about yourself and others.

Your Investment : 1257 Dollars

The course has a minimum of 2 people. As soon as I have 2 people minimum we will start.

Where: In my house, McKenzie Towne

Contact: Email Daniela

Have you had a past life regression? Share your thoughts or experiences! Please leave a comment or ask a question:


One thought on “Learn Past Life Regression

  1. Dear Daniela:

    I can’t believe I have found you. I have been searching for someone who teaches the Bryan
    Jamieson course for such a long time.
    I live in Mississauga, Ontario, and would be able
    to take your course in the summertime if possible.

    With warm wishes,
    Dianne Elizabeth Faiers

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