Meditations & Music

Meditations & Music

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Meditation Music with Binaural Beats by on Itunes

Binaural Beats will slowly bring you into a meditative state of mind, which allows you to experience a deep relaxation. The Binaural Beats in our meditation music runs at 4 Hertz. With this frequency it is easy to reach a deep relaxation. You should listen to this binaural meditation music regularly, once a day, with headphones. It is important to listen to it until the end. The more you listen to it, the greater the effect.

Please share your thoughts and experiences with meditation music and binaural beats. Leave a comment or ask a question:

(NOTE: do not use binaural beats if you suffer from seizures, have heart problems, heart pace makers, or for children. Do not listen to binaural beats when driving, and do not drive after listening to them, or any other kind of activities like ride your bike. We will not be responsible for any injury what so ever that may result from listening to our meditation-music.)

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