Reiki Level 2

Reiki Level 2

Reiki Level 2 course in Calgary

SAVE TIME AND MONEY! One part is homework, and the other part is a practical introduction

  • You will enroll my online course
  • You pay for the first part, where you learn the symbols and their mantras. You can learn it on your phone, or computer at home.
  • We make an appointment for the practical part.
  • Practical introduction (around 4 hours): You will get 3 attunements (tradtional way: for each symbol one attunement)
  • I will advice you on how to use the symbols in sessions
  • I will guide you on how to do Distance-Healing, Mental-Healing, useing affirmations, and healing for the past, sending energy to the future, how to do a Reiki shower, how to program stones with energy, and more.
  • You will get a manual and a certificate
  • your investment all together is $179 CAN

Contact: Email Daniela

or learn Reiki Level 2 complete online


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3 thoughts on “Reiki Level 2

  1. I would like to register or get more information on class times and dates for Reiki Level II?
    Thanks Angie

  2. HI Daniel,

    I interested in taking Reiki Level 2 course. Can you please let me know when the course is available.

    How do I pay?


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