Healing Of The Inner Child with Reiki Level 2

Healing Of The Inner Child with Reiki Level 2

A very important part that I am teaching in Reiki Level 2 is the Healing of your Past, your childhood. We also call this “Healing of the Inner Child”.

Lots of problems that we have in our lives today, thinking patterns, behaviours, beliefs, and even illness, often comes from our past.

This already begins when you were in the womb of your mother. Maybe you could sense it when your mother was going through some hard times. Or later in your life, maybe your parents could not show the love to you that you actually needed, or maybe you experienced bullying from your classmates, or you were heartbroken as a teenager.

With the healing of the Inner Child we are not able to change the past, but we are able to let go of the emotions that might still have an effect in our life today. We will be able to forgive our parents, or others.

The process of “Healing of the Inner Child” is similar to Distance Healing for others, except you connect with yourself, starting with the time when you were in the womb of your mother, following each year of your childhood, and even later years, until the present day. Of course, this is done year by year, and not all in one session.

Pictures of yourself as a baby, child, or teenager are helpful, but not always necessary. Your intention is important here! If you want to send healing to yourself as a one year old child, then you simply connect with yourself in your first year of life. You also can write down on a piece of paper your name and the year.

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Ground yourself, and connect with the Reiki energy

Draw 1 x the Power Symbol, say 3 x the Mantra. Draw it over the piece of paper, or over the photo, or just draw it in your mind.

Then draw 1 x Distance Symbol, say 3 x the mantra, and say your name one or three times, and the year you want to send the energy to (example: Me, …your name…in my first year).

Draw again 1 x Power Symbol, and say 3 x the mantra. Now you are connected to yourself in the past

Imagine yourself in the past. What do you look like? Are you a happy baby, child, teenager? Are you smiling, or are you sad?

Imagine yourself between your hands.

Let the energy flow out from your hands, until you see or feel that the child (you in the past) is smiling and happy. Include the Mental-Symbol if needed.

If you feel that your Inner Child is happy, in peace and is smiling, ask the child if it wants to give you a big hug? If not, do more healing, if yes, imagine you are giving your “inner child” a big hug. Stretch out your arms, bring the energy of your “inner child” to your heart.

Lay your hands over your heart chakra, and stay there for a few minutes. Let the energy flow. Feel the joy in your heart, because you brought healing to yourself.

When you feel it is done (perhaps after 10-20 minutes), say to yourself: “thanks” and let your Inner Child go with the knowing that you helped yourself to find your Inner Peace.

If you have already learnt Reiki Level 2, you may have learnt this method.

Let me know your experience with the Healing of the Inner Child 🙂

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