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How To Watch And Become One With All That Is: Mindfulness Meditation Tips

How To Watch And Become One With All That Is: Mindfulness Meditation Tips

How To Watch And Become One With All That Is: Mindfulness Meditation Tips

Mindfulness is being aware of the present moment. Being mindful is becoming the observer of all you are at once. This means you are in a state of active, open attention on the present.  You observe everything as a whole: your thoughts, feelings, everything within your senses, everything that is within consciousness. The trick is not to judge any of it, but just to let your life pass you by. Live in the moment of conscious awareness. These are my mindfulness meditation tips.

Mindfulness Meditation Tips: Become One

The trick is to step back, so to speak, and just watch. Take a deep breath, and soak up every thing you are aware of, all at once. The difficulty in a regular meditation is to empty your mind. In essence you have to stay focused on being unfocused from distracting thoughts, and a wondering mind. For my mindfulness meditation in this case when your mind wonders that’s ok. Because when you step back and become the observer it’s fine to wonder with your mind, or any other sense stimulation you are observing.

Mindfulness Meditation Tips

The point is to observe everything happening within your awareness at once. This is possible, and very meditative. The way I do it is first to focus on just one part of my body. I’ll focus on my stomach, and then bring my attention from there to the extremists of my body. After that I spread out into the wide world with my conscious thoughts. Then, when I feel like I’m everywhere at once, I just soak up everything around me.

I feel my emotions, my physical state, the thoughts that bubble up, and the things I imagine.  I watch the people on the street, hear the sounds, smell the smells, all of this happening at the same time.

The incredible thing, that no one can explain, is that this is even possible. Consciousness makes it possible. Yet what is consciousness exactly? No one really knows.

Mindfulness Meditation Tips The Benefits

Being in a mindful state of consciousness is the closest you’ll ever be to god, and living in the moment. The biggest benefit for me is inner peace! Although I might be observing the often chaotic experience of reality, happening all at once, nevertheless in this watchful state I feel at peace. Find your inner pease now:
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How To do Reiki healing To Energize The 7 Chakras For Yourself

How To do Reiki healing To Energize The 7 Chakras For Yourself

How To do Reiki healing To Energize The 7 Chakras For Yourself

How to reiki:… Let’s give Reiki to our 7 main charkas. This reiki treatment will energize the 7 chakras. It’s a self reiki treatment that you can do right now. We start at the top of the head, then third eye, throat, heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral and Root Chakra.

This method is perfect after your Reiki level 1 attunements, and at any time you want to relax. Practice these 21 minutes for 21 day to have the best results. Lina will show you how. Let’s begin. I hope this how to reiki healing, to do a reiki treatment to energize the 7 chakras for yourself helps you to heal, so please do it regularly:…

Spiritual Healing Through Spiritual Development Online Classes

Spiritual Healing Through Spiritual Development Online Classes

Spiritual Healing Through Spiritual Development Online Classes We Help Spiritual Seekers to learn and grow with our ONLINE Classes, for Spiritual Development.
Take one of the best courses available on the planet 🙂 Learn to do spiritual healing and so much more!
Learning in a group can be great, but… – what if you don’t have the possibility to get to the class? – what if you don’t have time, because of your job, or family?
We know, your time is valuable! Online Learning Benefits Well Structured. Easy to Learn. Learn at your own pace. Bite sized lessons. Courses are optimized to play back on any device. Engage with the instructors. Ask anything. Get support. Are you in? Start your Spiritual development with our online classes:
How To Meditate For Beginners: A Guided Meditation

How To Meditate For Beginners: A Guided Meditation

How To Meditate For Beginners: A guided meditation

Click here to learn more: How to meditate for beginners: There are different ways of meditating.

I will guide you now through a very short mediation, that you can do on a daily basis.

How To Meditate For Beginners gives you s simple formula: When it’s time to meditate make sure, you’re in a quiet place.

You can sit on a comfortable chair, with your arms resting comfortably. Your feet should be side by side, connected to the floor.

Then you close your eyes. In some meditations it is fine to lie down. If you do this, have your legs side by side, and feel the mattress under your body.

How to meditate for beginners means you should try to sit or lie still during the meditation.

If your nose is itchy, or you need to scratch yourself on the head, this is often a sign that you are going into a deep relaxation, but your Ego is afraid to lose control. After the meditation take your time to come back. So, let’s begin and start how to meditate for beginners! Click here to learn more:

Healing With Meditation

Healing With Meditation

Healing With Meditation

Shamanic Journey with drumming: healing with meditation drumming rhythms brings you to a higher consciousness, where healing can happen. It brings you to a relaxed state. It distracts you from all the thoughts you have, and it simply relaxes your busy mind, and your whole body.

There is no doubt that Healing With Meditation drumming can have powerful physical effect on people. Drum therapy can help people with brain injuries or impairment, physical injuries, arthritis, addictions, and more. There have been studies that prove that drumming rhythms help in lots of health issues.

They say that drumming is a great stress reliever, and actually can increase your immune system. It lowers both blood pressure and stress hormones.

Just take the physical activity of pounding on something, if you are the drummer, this can be a great way to vent pent-up anger or energy. But beyond that, healing with meditation drumming is a form of mediation, as the rhythms balances both side of your brain, to give you a sense of inner peace.


Gratitude Meditation: Gratitude is a powerful force in your life.

Gratitude Meditation: Gratitude is a powerful force in your life.

Gratitude Meditation: With this short gratitude meditation I want to create together with you a portal of love and gratitude.

Gratitude is a powerful force in your life. Too few people use, or understand it. A gratitude meditation can help you to reprogram yourself to appreciate more in life. There really isn’t anything that you can not be grateful for. Even the bad stuff, which in the end is all part of the growing and learning process.

Practicing gratitude, and listening to this gratitude meditation, regularly, can help you begin to make a positive change in your life. How do you know that gratitude is effective?

Just trust your feelings.

Don’t you feel good when your are grateful? Don’t you feel happier, free, as if some blockage has been released? I know I do.

Here are some benefits of being grateful, and using this gratitude meditation:

-Your physical, emotional and social well being improves.
-This gratitude meditation​ will help you to have greater optimism and happiness,
-Being grateful improves feelings of connection in times of loss or crises
-It increases feels of self-esteem
-Heightened energy levels
-Strengthens heart, immune system, and decreased blood pressure
-Improved emotional and academic intelligence
-Expanded capacity for forgiveness
-This Gratitude Meditation​ helps to release blockages that create stress, fear, depression, and headaches.
-Being grateful improves self-care and greater likelihood to exercise
It heightens spirituality
-Ability to see something bigger than ourselves

Enjoy this gratitude meditation, and more, click now:

Binaural Beats

Binaural Beats

The Binaural beats do this same thing as meditation: they balance both side of the brain. This is important if you want to reach a truly meditative sate of mind and body. Monks have been training and practicing this their whole lives, and it probably works much better in this way, but still if using Binaural beats is cheating, it works amazingly well.

How Can Shamanic Trance Music Take You To The Underworld?

How Can Shamanic Trance Music Take You To The Underworld?

A trance is unlike hypnosis, and enables the one experiencing it to be in control of it. Shamanic trance music, which consists of mostly drumming, will put you into a trance, and take you to meet the spirits, if you’re lucky. A shaman will do the shamanic journey for you, or you can learn to do it yourself with a course.

The trance is created through the increasing rhythm of the drums, which puts out a resonating frequency that helps to balance both sides of the brain, and create harmony, and ecstasy. Thus, the listener is put into a trance.

The trance then leads to the relaxing and opening of the mind to let the creative flow of the universe in.

When the mind is in a trance it is quiet, absent of logical thought patterns that always get in the way of divine inspiration, and exploring the subconscious.

Shamanic trance music can help you achieve a quiet mind, and connect you to your inner-self to travel to the underworld. It helps you to find hidden energies there that can help to improve your health and more.

A shaman works at making you whole again.

They might do a soul hunting to find lost aspects of your soul. Or they might go on a shamanic journey to communicate with the spirits for you. This is done through shamanic trance music.

There are many reasons to use trance, but doing a shamanic journey is probably one of the coolest. I’m not very good at meditation, and I have no idea how to go into trance, but Daniela showed me how, and it’s easy with a cool online shamanic course. It was one of the most interesting experiences of my life.

Use this shamanic trance music in this course to meet the spirits.

How Is A Meditation To Relieve Anxiety Rooted In Our Primitive Instincts?

How Is A Meditation To Relieve Anxiety Rooted In Our Primitive Instincts?

Anxiety is said to be a primal survival instinct, that we no longer need in our modern day society. Thus, when it surfaces, we are emotionally torn between our primordial self, and our carefree self, which, at that moment, denies it’s own ease of existence. A meditation to relieve anxiety might help us get rid of anxiety rooted in our primordial being…

It is likely that social anxiety was responsible to maintain social hierarchies and peace in primitive times.

Strong instinctual emotions like panic stopped primitive people from doing stupid and dangerous things, helping them to survive, etc.

Meditation To Relieve Anxiety

Today when that painful angst surfaces, we are actually feeling the unrecognized call of ancient social instincts. Combine this with our rational choices, this conflict of primitive instinct and logic becomes very intense.

I great meditation to relieve anxiety, bubbling up from our primordial being, is to use a primal and universal method of a shamanic journey.

Not only does this kind of thing help to bring you inner-peace, it will put you into a trance like mediative state, absent of anxiety. Just listening to the drumming is enough to relieve stress and anxiety, as it will help you to balance both of your brain hemispheres.

But a shamanic journey can do a lot more. I found my power animal on my first try. Bringing back my power animal into my life, brought me new energy strength, and inner peace.

Meditation To Relieve Anxiety

The roll of the shaman in ancient times was obvious. The shaman was the one who helped re-focus peoples primitive instincts to bring healing, balance, and harmony within the tribe. The early shaman was the worlds first shrink, so to speak.

Doing a shamanic journey to help you clam your anxiety is like fighting fire with fire. In the end the flames will become a quiet and peaceful light of hope inside your soul.

Try this meditation to relieve anxiety now: How To Do A Shamanic Journey And Bring Balance And Shamanic Healing Into Your Life