How Is A Meditation To Relieve Anxiety Rooted In Our Primitive Instincts?

How Is A Meditation To Relieve Anxiety Rooted In Our Primitive Instincts?

Anxiety is said to be a primal survival instinct, that we no longer need in our modern day society. Thus, when it surfaces, we are emotionally torn between our primordial self, and our carefree self, which, at that moment, denies it’s own ease of existence. A meditation to relieve anxiety might help us get rid of anxiety rooted in our primordial being…

It is likely that social anxiety was responsible to maintain social hierarchies and peace in primitive times.

Strong instinctual emotions like panic stopped primitive people from doing stupid and dangerous things, helping them to survive, etc.

Meditation To Relieve Anxiety

Today when that painful angst surfaces, we are actually feeling the unrecognized call of ancient social instincts. Combine this with our rational choices, this conflict of primitive instinct and logic becomes very intense.

I great meditation to relieve anxiety, bubbling up from our primordial being, is to use a primal and universal method of a shamanic journey.

Not only does this kind of thing help to bring you inner-peace, it will put you into a trance like mediative state, absent of anxiety. Just listening to the drumming is enough to relieve stress and anxiety, as it will help you to balance both of your brain hemispheres.

But a shamanic journey can do a lot more. I found my power animal on my first try. Bringing back my power animal into my life, brought me new energy strength, and inner peace.

Meditation To Relieve Anxiety

The roll of the shaman in ancient times was obvious. The shaman was the one who helped re-focus peoples primitive instincts to bring healing, balance, and harmony within the tribe. The early shaman was the worlds first shrink, so to speak.

Doing a shamanic journey to help you clam your anxiety is like fighting fire with fire. In the end the flames will become a quiet and peaceful light of hope inside your soul.

Try this meditation to relieve anxiety now: How To Do A Shamanic Journey And Bring Balance And Shamanic Healing Into Your Life

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