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How To Reiki: Can Reiki Warm Up A Glass Of Water? You Might Be Surprised: Reiki Energy Healing Of The Aura

How To Reiki: Can Reiki Warm Up A Glass Of Water? You Might Be Surprised: Reiki Energy Healing Of The Aura

How To Reiki:

Warming up water is not something I would do with reiki energy. This is just a fun experiment. But The results might surprise you.

Yesterday I tried to warm a glass of water with just level 1 reiki energy. It appeared to work: I raised the temperature by 2 degrees. Now that was not a controlled experiment, because the heat was on, the water came out of the tap under 15. So the water might have been warmed simply by room temp, and or my body heat.

Let’s begin and see what happens, if anything the water should stay the same (or get cooler?) well it seemed do this: nothing happened today at all, at c15 it didn’t even get up to room temp which was C21.

But there is more to it: before I began I took an aura reading, this is what my aura looked like this morning: it was blue.

When I was younger I was green, but now I’m normally blue, every time. Blue means caring, being sensitive, loving, and helpful. Blue in your aura indicates a strong sense of peace and calmness, and it also shows communication ability, and a love of conversation. You thrive in a healthy loving and caring relationship. All of this is true for me. I like to talk, and I’m a family man. Blue is my normal color.

Now I’m going to drink the water, lets see what the aura looks like afterward:

I’m not surprised that after drinking the water my aura has become white. White is spiritual, transcendental, higher dimensions, and non-physical qualities. (If there is lavender, you have a imagination, your visionary, and a daydreamer. White has entered my aura through the infusion of reiki energy in the water. White contains all the colours in perfect harmony and balance. White indicates an enlightened state connected with divine energy. I expect to return from white to blue as the day’s activities get started,

But amazing, right?

Personally the effects of reiki isn’t something to prove. It’s not something to look at through a microscope. It just works for me. I know it works through experience. For some it might not work at all. I don’t know why, one way or the other. It’s something you have to try for yourself, and make up your own mind about it. But it can be fun to experiment with reiki. And spiritual energy is in everything.

How To Reiki:

How To: Reiki Therapy, A Self Aura Scanning Technique

How To: Reiki Therapy, A Self Aura Scanning Technique

How To: Reiki Therapy, A Self Aura Scanning Technique


Reiki Therapy, A Self Aura Scanning Technique, Click:… Before doing this reiki technique we assume that you have been already initiated into the reiki energy of level one, and you are familiar with Reiki self-attunement preparation and completion methods. If not, get the online courses here. The purpose of this self treatment reiki session is to find out which part of your body needs the most attention. This is very helpful if you are not directly aware of any pain or part of your physical being that needs the Rieki energy particularly. What I like to do is scan my chakras. Each chakra is connected to a region of the body, which is connected to organs muscle, nerves etc, and you will be able to feel which physical area of your body needs the most attention. You can sense it as your hands move over that areas of the body. We scan to find blockages, weak spots, or holes, or in-balanced energy in your physical body, which is connected to the chakra. So lets begin.

1. After preparing, make sure you sit comfortably, well grounded, and then activate the reiki energy.

2. Now scan your bodies aura, paying particular attention to each chakra area, and paying attention to what your hands sense. Is the energy prickly in your hands, or does it feel soft and smooth, or do your hands burn a little? Also pay attention to how your body feels as you scan. Is there a tingling in that part of your body, that coincides to the prickle you may feel in your hands? If so this is likely a spot, or region of your body that needs more Reiki energy attention. It might feel like a hole, or lack of energy in this spot too.

3. Continue scanning your body until you find the spots, or regions that need your attention. And then continue only focussing on these areas, one at a time, giving the appropriate amount of energy that you feel is needed. I will either go from the top of my body like from the crown chakra, and down; or I start at the bottom from the root chakra, and scan up. It’s up to you.

4. When giving energy to the areas of your body that needs them, your intention is important. Make sure you think, or say: “I am sending love to my self, I am focussing on this area of my body which needs to be balanced and all blockages cleared.” Channel the reiki energy there for as long as you think is necessary. Also say or think: “allow the energy to affect all areas of my body that needs Reiki energy, and clear all blockages.” After this go to the next area of your body and repeat

5. At the end of the session, rake your chakras of all the remaining blockages. Start at the head, and rake it out to your feet. Do this at least a couple of times, or as many times as you feel is necessary, and finish the session.

Reiki Therapy, A Self Aura Scanning Technique, Click:…

Collective Consciousness: Know Yourself, Who Are We?

Collective Consciousness: Know Yourself, Who Are We?

Collective Consciousness: Know Yourself, Who Are We?

Click Now: and Know Yourself!

Spirituality is not easily defined. It’s a very broad concept, open to interpretation. There are many perspectives on this subject. The problem in getting a consensus is the fact that most people think it has something to do with a sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves. On top of that they are looking for the meaning in life. In some intuitive way we all know spirituality is something that connects us, but it’s hard to say how.

The way I see it, spirituality isn’t something bigger than ourselves. And the meaning is what we give it. But how much do you know about yourself?

How Much Do You Know about Yourself?

I know nothing!

Socrates was called the wisest man alive in his day, because he admitted that he knew nothing.

Everything we think we are, or have been, or might become is rolled up into a story. We all live in the moment, whether we’re aware of it or not. There is no other way to live. The past and the future don’t exist outside of your memory and imagination. Both of which are very inaccurate and tainted with fear and expectation.
In order to communicate with each other, about where we’ve been, and were we might be going, we tell stories. You might think that this is normal conversation, but in fact all conversation is part of an ongoing narrative of life. These realtime stories we tell each other is called the truth.
The truth is that we are just making it up as we go along.
Our dogmatic religions, our spirituality, explained though New Age beliefs, are all just inventions of that same story craft we use to communicate. Somebody made it up at one time, and others agreed on the story as being fact.

But there are no facts, just interpretations of reality.

How Much Do You Know about Yourself:

The Enlightenment Of Knowing Nothing

Admitting you know nothing means there is one alternative left: now you must look on the inside.

Becoming mindful of who you are is important. All you can do is focus on the immediate experience of consciousness, and observe everything happening at once within all of your senses and beyond. This includes sights, sounds, smells, feelings, thoughts, imaginings, etc.

This is the real spiritual you. You are consciousness, whatever that is, experiencing reality now! That’s it!
Beware of people wanting to sell you expensive spiritual experiences, promising you a place in heaven. Experiencing true spirituality only costs the time you take to discover who you really are. Look within.

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Sigil Magick – An Ancient Way Of Witchcraft Online Course!

Sigil Magick – An Ancient Way Of Witchcraft Online Course!

Sigil Magick!

Click Now: to get our Sigil Magick Online Course Now!

Do You love Magick and Witchcraft? Then be excited about our online course “Sigil Magick”

Get it Now!

This is our special course in learning a really powerful method of witchcraft.

We have used this quite often to help us manifest our goals and wishes.

This magical method is called Sigil Magick and it is a very old ritual, often used in the middle ages.

The word Sigil comes from the Latin language which means Picture or Seal.
In Sigil Magick a Sigil can me made out of letters that are formed together to make a painted or inscribed symbol.

This Symbol, or Sigil, will be charged with energy to create magical power.

When we say Magick, we don’t mean something you would see in a fairy tale. For us it means a practical tool to put out the energy to reach your goal.

We all know that the written word is the first manifestation. And this is what Sigil Magick is all about. You still need to take action and you need to be open for opportunities.

Hi my name is Lina and I grew up around witchcraft my whole life. My mom, Daniela, would take me to witch circles back when we lived in Germany. Practicing witchcraft is for me just a normal part of my life.

Hi my name is Daniela, and I have practiced Sigil Magick for a long time, and I love it, because it is so simple. You may know me from my other courses, such as Shamanic Journeying, Soul Retrieval, Trance Healing, and so on.

We will be guiding you through this fun little course and you will get a magical tool that can help you manifest your wishes.

You will learn the basic method of how to create a Sigil, and we will show you how to include Sigil Magick in a magical ritual.

This course is for everyone who likes or practices witchcraft.
You don’t need to have any experiences with witchcraft to start this.
The only thing you need to know is what you want to manifest in your life.

Click: to get our Sigil Magick Online Course Now!

See you in our circle.

And So It Be

How To Watch And Become One With All That Is: Mindfulness Meditation Tips

How To Watch And Become One With All That Is: Mindfulness Meditation Tips

How To Watch And Become One With All That Is: Mindfulness Meditation Tips

Mindfulness is being aware of the present moment. Being mindful is becoming the observer of all you are at once. This means you are in a state of active, open attention on the present.  You observe everything as a whole: your thoughts, feelings, everything within your senses, everything that is within consciousness. The trick is not to judge any of it, but just to let your life pass you by. Live in the moment of conscious awareness. These are my mindfulness meditation tips.

Mindfulness Meditation Tips: Become One

The trick is to step back, so to speak, and just watch. Take a deep breath, and soak up every thing you are aware of, all at once. The difficulty in a regular meditation is to empty your mind. In essence you have to stay focused on being unfocused from distracting thoughts, and a wondering mind. For my mindfulness meditation in this case when your mind wonders that’s ok. Because when you step back and become the observer it’s fine to wonder with your mind, or any other sense stimulation you are observing.

Mindfulness Meditation Tips

The point is to observe everything happening within your awareness at once. This is possible, and very meditative. The way I do it is first to focus on just one part of my body. I’ll focus on my stomach, and then bring my attention from there to the extremists of my body. After that I spread out into the wide world with my conscious thoughts. Then, when I feel like I’m everywhere at once, I just soak up everything around me.

I feel my emotions, my physical state, the thoughts that bubble up, and the things I imagine.  I watch the people on the street, hear the sounds, smell the smells, all of this happening at the same time.

The incredible thing, that no one can explain, is that this is even possible. Consciousness makes it possible. Yet what is consciousness exactly? No one really knows.

Mindfulness Meditation Tips The Benefits

Being in a mindful state of consciousness is the closest you’ll ever be to god, and living in the moment. The biggest benefit for me is inner peace! Although I might be observing the often chaotic experience of reality, happening all at once, nevertheless in this watchful state I feel at peace. Find your inner pease now:
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How To Get Good Luck Though Karma

How To Get Good Luck Though Karma

How To Get Good Luck Though Karma


How To Get Good Luck? Click now:… The Karma Connection To Good Karma On the surface, Karma is cause and effect. Many think Karma is created through deeds alone, but there is more to it than that.

Your thoughts play a big role in creating your Karma. Your thoughts and deeds lead to a karmic result, which resonates into the future. Looking deeper down the spiritual rabbit hole, however, it becomes obvious that Karma is neither good or bad. It’s simply a Quantum field of information, which establishes a template for your life, or future lives. Karma is a teacher. Bad karma has an important lesson you need to pay attention to right now! The good news is that your karmic template is not set in stone.

You can change it. If you want to know how to get good luck, you have to begin by focusing on the right way of thinking. How To Get Good Luck Through Journaling Changing the way you think is the key to getting good luck. Everything begins within your mind and consciousness. Philosophers and sages throughout the ages have said that consciousness creates the universe, and it happens through our thoughts, which science would call a quantum system. The act of observing, on focusing changes the atoms… Taking this theory, and applying it to Karma, it then makes perfect sense that everything begins with a thought. Simply said: bad thoughts create bad karma, and good thoughts create good karma. Of course it’s a bit more complicated than this. You need to work on it .

You need to write down, every day, your bad thoughts, and transform them into positive ones. Like with the quantum example, you need to observe and focus on your own negative thoughts and change your bad karma into good karma. Here is an example which I have previously posted on youtube of how to get good luck through journaling: Sign up to this free e-mail course:… How To Create The Karma You love. And it’ll teach you some powerful techniques on how to get good luck through creating the karma you love. Don’t wait to change your thoughts, because they will change your life!

How To Use The Usui Reiki Symbols Level 2: Ch Ku Rei, Sei He Ki, Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen

How To Use The Usui Reiki Symbols Level 2: Ch Ku Rei, Sei He Ki, Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen

How To Use The Usui Reiki Symbols Level 2: Ch Ku Rei, Sei He Ki, Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen

How to Reiki: Click:… How Usui Reiki Symbols are Used In Level 2 Ch Ku Rei And More

About the Symbols and their Mantras

The Reiki Symbols are not secret anymore, but they are sacred. So we should use them with respect.

Back in the days Reiki practitioners will generally not show the level II symbols to anyone who is not attuned into that level. Now it is different and the decision to show them or not, is an individual decision.

Symbols are the carrier of a specific information and a specific intention. They help us to focus on this information and intention.
Mantras are words or sounds which help our mind to find peace. The Mantra for each Reiki symbol brings a special higher frequency to the symbol and increases the power of the symbol.

A Reiki symbol and its mantra are like a unity. Drawing the symbol once and saying the Mantra three times activates the symbol, and magnifies your intention.

Every Reiki symbol has a specific focus, and in combination with the Mantra you create the right frequency.

The First Symbol is the “Power” Symbol “Cho Ku Rei”

The first symbol is called the Power Symbol and its Mantra is‚ “Cho Ku Rei”‚ (CR). Pronounced “Sho Koo Ray”.
The Power Symbol is like a ‚light switch, because it connects you to the energy, like a light switch being turned on. This symbol is used to increase the power of Reiki or to focus Reiki on a specific location. If at any time you want to increase the strength of the Reiki you are giving, activate the symbol. This symbol also says: place the power here.

The Power Symbol can be used as an all-around tool. You can use it alone or together with other symbols to reinforce them. This symbol is especially effective if activated at the beginning of a Reiki session to increase the power, and at the end of a session to seal in the
healing energy of Reiki. This Symbol is helpful in times where you need energetic protection.

It can be used to clear a room of negative energy, and you can integrate it in meditations, or to charge your food and water.
Working with this symbol means to be creative and intuitive! “Cho Ku Rei” has as many uses as you can think up!

The Second Symbol is the “Mental/Emotional” Symbol “Sei He Ki”

The second symbol is called the Mental/Emotional Symbol and its Mantra is‚ “Sei He Ki”‚ (SHK). Pronounced Say Hay Key.
This symbol is used in emotional, mental and addictive healing. It balances you by removing and clearing any mental, emotional and addictive blockages. You can use it to break unwanted habits.

It can help to release stress, nervousness, fear, depression, anger, sadness and even the emotions attached to the negative memory.
It is also used to bring up and heal the emotional issues underneath physical problems.
It helps to reinforce and support positive behaviour changes.

This Symbol can also be used to bring harmony in situations, or for healing.
When you draw the Mental/Emotional Symbol‚ “Sei He Ki”‚ over the head you can use it in conjunction with a positive affirmation that you intend is going to be accepted by your client subconscious.

Common affirmations might be ‚ you are calm, content and serene‚ or‚ you are loved and secure, ‘you feel safe’, or ‘ you feel loved and loveable’.
You may have a better idea of what affirmations would be suitable for the person you are working on.
This symbol is also helpful in meditations.

The Third Symbol is the “Long Distance” Symbol “Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen”

The third symbol is called the Long Distance Symbol and its Mantra is ‚ “Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen”‚ (HS or HSZSN).
The symbols meaning could be: there is no past, no present, no future, there is only the now.
With this symbol you can heal your past or send Reiki to the present or future.

You can send Reiki across the room or any location in the country or the world. Distance, time and space are not a barrier when you use this symbol.

You can use the Distance Symbol to send Reiki

back to a special situation in the past that was very hurtful or even dramatic. It does not mean this experience has never happened, but the emotions, connected to it, can be released, and you can start to heal.

You can also send Reiki to upcoming situations in the future, for example an exam. This symbol is for sending Reiki anywhere for any reason to a person, place or circumstance in the present, past and future! Click to learn more:…

Journaling Bad Karma For Good Karma, How To Change Your Life With A Past Life Regression

Journaling Bad Karma For Good Karma, How To Change Your Life With A Past Life Regression

Journaling Bad Karma For Good Karma, How To Change Your Life With A Past Life Regression


Click: course:… to get FREE karma

First let’s look at a past life regression. Have you ever had a pain somewhere in your body that wouldn’t go away? Have you ever wondered why, that no matter what you do, you never seem to get ahead in life? I did. Past life Karma can be the cause of both.
Clearing Past Life Karma With A Past Life Regression

What is a past life regression:

A past life regression is a technique that uses a trance like state to recover memories of past lives or incarnations. The idea is that the client is taken back to a traumatic death that is a memory, through which the pain or suffering was created in the past, and is connected to future lives, through emotions. Reliving the trauma is a way to recognize the reason for the pain or suffering, and thus releasing it.

My experience, of a past life regression:

My experience was intense. During my past life regression I saw myself as a sailor, who, discovering a tropical island, ventured out, and stumbled into a river. There, my foot got caught between the rocks, and I struggled to release it, but then I drowned. The pain in my foot was excruciating, and I had difficulty breathing during the session. At one point, I felt paralyzed both physically and emotionally.

Going through the death was scary. I was guided through it several times, until the emotion connected to the pain was released.
After going through this traumatic death, later the pain slowly went away from my foot. It really worked.

Clearing Past Life Karma Through Journaling

A past life regression is great for dealing with any suffering, but to change your life, and keep your karma clean or positive, using a karma journal is the way to go.
It teaches you how to be in control of the one thing that is responsible for your future karma: your thoughts.
It’s harder than you might think. The idea is to use a powerful journaling technique to realize your thoughts, what they create, and how they influence our life.

A thought comes first before a deed. Both are important for creating positive karma.

When starting journaling I saw the biggest changes in every area of my life, because I realized my thoughts, and the thoughts of others, and I learned more about myself. And that helped me to understand how important it is to transform my thoughts.

A Quick 3 Point How To Guide:

1. From today on, write down all of your negative thoughts, and the negative thoughts that you hear from other people too. Transform these negative thoughts into positive ones. This is a very important process, and it’ll change your life for the better, including your future karma!

We need to learn to acknowledge our negative thoughts, and to be aware of them.
We need to be aware of what other people say, or what they think, so that we can transform them as well!
Spoken: We need to learn to catch our thoughts, and the words of others the moment they happen, so that we can transform them as soon as possible.

So Grab your empty journaling book and a pen, and let’s start
-Write the date and prepare 4 columns in your journal.
-in the first column right: everything that appears to be negative as a title.
Underneath Write down every situation of the day that made you feel bad. This can include negative thoughts you had, negative words and actions of others. Even the bad stuff on TV or the internet.

All of this information gets imprinted on your emotional and mental body. And will have an effect on your life.

2. In the second column write: The transformation into positive as a title.
In this column you have to find reasons why the negative can be the positive. Bridge this by saying: how good is it that: and find a reason. Write about forgiveness letting go and so on. (Example:) If you experience lots of negativity at work, an argument with your boss, you could say: How good is it that: I can go to work each day, earn money, and support the people I love.
This is a great place to start, and just by doing this you will see positive changes in your life, but there is much more, so:

3. Get the full FREE Course: How To Create the Karma You Love, click on the link:…

How To do Reiki healing To Energize The 7 Chakras For Yourself

How To do Reiki healing To Energize The 7 Chakras For Yourself

How To do Reiki healing To Energize The 7 Chakras For Yourself

How to reiki:… Let’s give Reiki to our 7 main charkas. This reiki treatment will energize the 7 chakras. It’s a self reiki treatment that you can do right now. We start at the top of the head, then third eye, throat, heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral and Root Chakra.

This method is perfect after your Reiki level 1 attunements, and at any time you want to relax. Practice these 21 minutes for 21 day to have the best results. Lina will show you how. Let’s begin. I hope this how to reiki healing, to do a reiki treatment to energize the 7 chakras for yourself helps you to heal, so please do it regularly:…