Reiki Master and Teacher

Reiki Master and Teacher

Reiki Master and Teacher courses in Calgary

USUI Mikao Sensei (1865-1926)

Master and Teacher Reiki courses Calgary – with certification:

Learn at home to prepare yourself for this course, and come to the Reiki Master and Teacher attunement in Calgary, McKenzie Towne.

The first part you can learn at home through our video online course:

  • You will be introduced to the Master-Symbol and how to use it
  • You will get the master symbol attunements (direct attunements)
  • Master Symbol Meditation
  • You will learn about the Shadow Self

Click here to find out about the Reiki Master and Teacher  online course

The second part is in Calgary, McKenzie Towne

  • You will be introduced to how to give attunements for each level
  • You will give me a master attunement
  • You will get a certificate,
  • and your Master Lineage:

Usui – Hayashi – Takata – Furumoto – Postatny – Theis – D.Wernsdorfer – Norbert Kuhl – Daniela Hills – YOUR NAME

Reiki Master and Teacher
Learn Reiki in Calgary,
become a Reiki Master and Teacher
  • Extra: you will get all the manuals from as pdf-file  to use them for your courses.

Find out more: Start know 🙂

Reiki courses in Calgary are not all created equal. The courses you will take with Daniela are all about your spiritual growth!” Michael

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