How Can Meditation Exercises For Stress Be Easy?

How Can Meditation Exercises For Stress Be Easy?

I have to admit meditating can be difficult. I have difficulty doing it because it’s hard for me to quiet my mind. For people like me meditation exercises for stress are necessary, and I have learned a few. On the other hand, I found a way to relieve stress, and find inner peace, which only requires listening…

Meditation Exercises For Stress

It’s simple. I use shamanic drumming music. This kind of music works a lot like binaural beats, creating a balance in your head through certain frequencies. Just listening to it puts me into a meditative trance that alters my brainwaves in such away that it gets rid of my stress.

But drumming goes beyond the benefits of meditation.

There are a lot of health improvements that can be gained through drumming, like reducing stress and boosting the immune system.

Not only does it help the shaman connect to the spirit world to bring back power animals, and talk to spirit guides, but it also has a physical effect, creating a real world, deep self-awareness by inducing synchronous brain activity and promoting alpha waves.

Drumming, especially through a shamanic journey, can assist you to let go of negative feelings and emotional trauma.

But the biggest benefit of Drumming, in my opinion, is found in something that is an essential part of meditation, and for discovering who you really are as the observer of reality. It binds us to the NOW, grounding us in the present moment.

Meditation Exercises For Stress

Only though living in the moment, and understanding it completely in this way, can we know who we really are.

If you focus on the moment, you will start to understand that in it, there is no stress.

The stress was created either in your past, or it is created because you are focused on the future, and worried about it. The key to inner peace is living, as much as you can, in the moment. Stress is something that happens in the brain, not in the real world. If you let yourself get stressed, listening to drums can ground you again.

Getting grounded in the moment is the greatest effect a drum can do for you. Get free shamanic drumming music with this course: How To Do A Shamanic Journey And Bring Balance And Shamanic Healing Into Your Life

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