Why Can A Shamanism Symbol Be Anything?

Why Can A Shamanism Symbol Be Anything?

Traditional shamanic symbols are easy to recognize. A shamanism symbol of the New Age can be anything you want it to be, so can an altar or a shrine. Below are a few traditional symbols:

Shamanism Symbol

Norse and Viking symbols (Asatru symbols):

Yggdrasil Triple horn svegvisir Nine worlds Helm of awe
Yggdrasil Odin’s Horn Valknut Vegvisir Nine Worlds Helm of Awe
Jormungander Mjolnir- Thor's hammer Runes Shield Knot Troll cross
Jormungandr Mjolnir Runes Shield Knot Troll Cross Solar Cross
Hugin and Munin Gungnir Spirit Ship Sleipnir Mjolnir- Thor's hammer Irminsul
Hugin & Munin Gungnir Spirit Ship Sleipnir Mjolnir Irminsul
Ormgudinna Nidstang Wolf's Cross Wolf's Cross
Web of Wyrd Ormgudinna Nidstang Sleipnir Einherjar Wolf’s Cross
Oseburg Triceps Julbock

With a New Age shamanism symbol, the modern day shaman can create their own power symbols, but often the designs are based on the traditional ones. Combinations are used: like the spiral combined with the infinity symbol, and a pyramid. Celtic symbols, and animals are often used too. But it’s all about the shaman’s intention the shaman uses to bind and power point for the ritual. This is done for altars or shrines too.

A shamanic symbol is a representation of a particular intention, weather that is to keep energy,  to transmit it, or to get rid of negative energy, and more…  A symbol that is meaningful for the shaman is one that carries her intention. It can be anything in theory…

The chart above shows some Norse and Viking symbols the Asatru symbols. But there are many others from all over the world some with similar intentions attached to them, others that are quite different, depending on the culture: see a great symbol dictionary here.

Generally speaking, the point of a New Age Shamanism Symbol is to use positive intentions to rid yourself of negative blockages or energy. This can be done through traveling to the spirit world to find and bring back your power animal. Daniela Hills will show you how to do this in a quick, simple and powerful way: Do a shamanic journey now!

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