Ancient Knowledge Is Wisdom, Buy Not Always Wise?

Ancient Knowledge Is Wisdom, Buy Not Always Wise?

Ancient knowledge is wisdom, and wisdom is knowledge. If the knowledge we desire is ancient, and we still know about it today, then it probably is worth knowing, because it must be wise indeed. Knowledge that survives the centuries must be worth handing down to each generation.

We know this because the ancient knowledge that the world is flat was handed down to us as a scientific fact. We look back upon it today, and laugh at our ancient limitations.

Ancient Knowledge Is Wisdom

Limitations seem to be the word that best describes knowledge that is unwise.

Ancient knowledge that is unwise is filled with limitations of understanding the larger truth. It was the rats that carried the black plague not the Jews who many believed had poisoned the wells that caused it.

Knowledge is power.

The wrong knowledge used to create fear and hate is evil. But it is also handed down to each generation as a warning that there is a difference between truth and lies, made to look like the truth based on peoples fear and ignorance.

One ancient knowledge and wisdom that has survived the test of time is shamanism.

It is probably the oldest form of human experience, other than hunting and eating. Signs of shamanistic ritual can be found in the French caves that depict the oldest shamanistic ritual ever painted.

We know that many shamanistic practises are based on universal wisdom, because they have bee handed down through the generations, and morphed into New Age shamanism. A shamanistic journey works for people to bring harmony into their lives today, as it did at the beginning of time.

Some knowledge is essential to our well being, and part of our most primeval selves, just waiting to be rediscovered:

Experience a shamanic journey, and bring balance into your life.

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