How Can Shamanic Trance Music Take You To The Underworld?

How Can Shamanic Trance Music Take You To The Underworld?

A trance is unlike hypnosis, and enables the one experiencing it to be in control of it. Shamanic trance music, which consists of mostly drumming, will put you into a trance, and take you to meet the spirits, if you’re lucky. A shaman will do the shamanic journey for you, or you can learn to do it yourself with a course.

The trance is created through the increasing rhythm of the drums, which puts out a resonating frequency that helps to balance both sides of the brain, and create harmony, and ecstasy. Thus, the listener is put into a trance.

The trance then leads to the relaxing and opening of the mind to let the creative flow of the universe in.

When the mind is in a trance it is quiet, absent of logical thought patterns that always get in the way of divine inspiration, and exploring the subconscious.

Shamanic trance music can help you achieve a quiet mind, and connect you to your inner-self to travel to the underworld. It helps you to find hidden energies there that can help to improve your health and more.

A shaman works at making you whole again.

They might do a soul hunting to find lost aspects of your soul. Or they might go on a shamanic journey to communicate with the spirits for you. This is done through shamanic trance music.

There are many reasons to use trance, but doing a shamanic journey is probably one of the coolest. I’m not very good at meditation, and I have no idea how to go into trance, but Daniela showed me how, and it’s easy with a cool online shamanic course. It was one of the most interesting experiences of my life.

Use this shamanic trance music in this course to meet the spirits.

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