Why Might Shaman Healing Not Work?

Why Might Shaman Healing Not Work?

Many people over the centuries have looked for healing through traditional and New Age shamanism. But why might shaman healing not work? There may be several reasons, from the shaman not being experienced enough, to the person needing the healing in the first place. In terms of the latter, no one can be healed, in my experience, if they don’t want to be.

Aside from broken bones and such, many illnesses are a direct result of how we think.

Or better said: how negative thinking influences our well being. We all have negative thoughts, but some people are addicted to certain thought patterns that are detrimental to their well-being. In these cases the person wanting shaman healing is unlikely to change these patterns, and are thus unwilling to receive healing.

This psychology works today too. Many people who go to a regular doctor can not be healed because they don’t want to be healed. What this boils down to is that people looking for healing have to participate.

Much of what a shaman does is creating symbols of healing through ritual and contacting spirits. In a lot of ways a shaman is the original physiologist, and finding and bringing back your power animal, for example, is a way of unlocking potential healing energy in your subconscious.

So a shaman healing might not work if you are not willing to make it work yourself. This is the basis of all healing, or at least how effective the healing will be in the long run. Sometimes it takes a long to time for shamanic healing to kick in, sometimes it is right away, as if a blockage gets released, and suddenly you feel a lot better. In both cases it’s up to you to let it happen.

Get some shaman healing, be a participant now!

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