Daniela is my Guru at Beyond Reiki Calgary, and Gatelight. She has shown me a lot about myself, and still does. She has healed me of so many things, and inspired, and transformed me to become a physically and spiritually healthy person. The spiritual journey I’m on is a long one, and for me it may not be over in this life-time, but at least I have taken the first step, and that is how every great journey begins.

“Reiki is a great energy system, so why did I go beyond Reiki?”

The answer is simple: it comes naturally.

For me Reiki was just the first step on a mystical path that has taken me through Past Life Regressions, and Two Point Energy Healing. I have had some amazing experiences with all three systems, the last two being the most transforming.

Reiki has been a deeply relaxing form of energy healing, but Two Point energy healing has knocked out the blockages in a few sessions that I think would have taken much longer just using Reiki.

On the other hand, I have had several Past Life Regressions, and they have been the most intense experiences of my life. I think this has been the most impressive energy healing for me yet. I must admit that I’m still a bit terrified about doing a past life for this reason.

“I have always experienced a life changing catharsis during the past life session.”

And even when I was consciously resisting this emotional change coming up within me during the session, because of fear of letting go of that which was blocking me, Daniela was able to guide me through to the end, so true change could occur in my life! This is not easy. Her intuition is amazing!

Some people ask me if you have to experience or learn Reiki first, before going beyond Reiki.

I simply tell them: no.

Just do it! Go right to a past life regression, or a two point healing session, its up to you! You will not regret it. This could be your first step on a life transforming journey.



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