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How You Can Give Yourself A Simple Reiki-Treatment

How You Can Give Yourself A Simple Reiki-Treatment

Giving yourself a Reiki Treatment is easy to do, and will help you to release stress in your daily life. A simple way of doing this is giving Reiki Energy Healing on your 7 Main Chakras. (I love the number 7)

The word CHAKRA comes from the Indian language, and basically means: “wheel”. Meaning: these are energy centers, which are distributed over the body, and which are connected to each other, through channels. The chakras have the task of taking in energy from the outside to supply the human energy system.

Since thousand of years chakras have been widely acknowledged in traditional Asian medicine, and are used for diagnosis and therapy of disturbances in the physical, spiritual, and mental areas. They are also connect with the meridians known in acupuncture and reflex zones. There are different possibilities to open these chakras so that the energy can flow without obstruction.

Chakra Healing Calgary Crown Chakra – White/Violet: Inner Knowledge, enlightenment, connection with higher planes of consciousness and spiritual truth are seated in the Crown Chakra. White is the perfect merging of all colors.

3rd Eye Chakra – Violet/Indigo: This center above the eyebrows is the seat of intuition, spiritual will, connecting ideas and developing a “picture” of the world. It is a idealistic place representing your imagination and desires.

Throat Chakra – Blue: This Chakra governs the ability to express ideas and to speak your truth clearly. The throat is all about clear communication, inspiration and artistic

Heart Chakra- Green: This is the center of teaching and healing, the chakra of self-respect and self love, as well as the meeting place for body, mind and spirit. Balance, connection to nature are found here.
Solar Plexus Chakra – Yellow: This Chakra rules mental activity and is the center of your ego and personal power. It regulates the life force in the body, giving energy to your dreams and goals, allowing you to take action.Sacral Chakra – Orange: The color of this Chakra reflects creativity, sociability, emotional life and sexuality. This chakra is the position from which one reaches out, expands and relates to others.Root / Base Chakra – Red: This Chakra is the energy of the physical plane and material reality. It is the center of manifestation and the place from which passion flows; the source of power and ego development.Do you want to know more about your OWN Aura and Chakras? Check out Aura and Chakra Imaging in Calgary 🙂Here step by step how to give yourself a short Reiki Treatment. But please, before you start, make sure, you are already attuned in Reiki 🙂 If not, maybe it is time for you to take this step. Find out more about Learning Reiki in Calgary here.
  • Take off your jewellery and watches. Wear comfortable cloths. Wash your hands.
  • The treatment can be done reclining/sitting or lying down. Make yourself comfortable; create a quiet, and a nice relaxed atmosphere.
  • Ground yourself. Just concentrate on your feet, and feel the connection to the ground. Or if you are lying down simple feel the mattress under your body. Don’t cross your legs.
  • Connect with the Reiki-energy. Say to yourself silently, that you now want to be a Reiki-channel.
  • Soft hands 🙂
  • Touch the body softly without pressing. Where there is wounds hold your hands a few centimetres away from them.
  • Stay at each position about 3-5 Minutes. Follow your intuition.
  • Basically two hand, side by side or end to end, are used to do Reiki, especially on twin organs such as lungs, kidney and ears.
  • One hand is also used depending on an area and/or a symptom.

While doing Reiki your hand may feel tingly, or hot. If it feels cold, stay longer on this area to release the blockage.

My daughter Lina, also is a Reiki Master now, will show you now how you can give yourself a simple Reiki Treatment:

Reiki Self Treatment Calgary

My daughter Lina did a great Job, didn’t she? Thank you Lina 🙂 Now try it out, or come over to learn Reiki Level 1 with me.

What are your experiences with Reiki Self Treatments? Please leave a comment 🙂

Trance Healing Meditation

Trance Healing Meditation

TranceHealing with Your Spirit Friends – Meditation

What is Trance?

Trance is a state of consciousness, that you can reach through meditation, dancing, music, or special breathing, and in connection with your Spiritual Helpers. This state of consciousness can be light, or very deep.

Everybody may have experienced a light state of trance just by day dreaming. You can also experience a state of Trance during a non-hypnotic Past Life Regression, Shamanic Journey, or Trance Dance, and of course in Trance Mediumship.

Trance is nothing more than a deep relaxation. When you start to go into a state of trance, all your body functions are starting to slow down. The heartbeat gets slower, the blood pressure becomes lower, and the use of oxygen as well. The skin can get colder.

Trance is similar to almost falling asleep.

But beside the physical effects your awareness gets heightened too. The ability of imagining gets stronger. Also the ability to give yourself orders will be higher. Memories, and feelings will be intensified compared to your usual daily life.

Trance does not hurt, or is uncomfortable. After the trance you will feel refreshed and energized.

Important is to know that the state of trance is always different from person to person. It is indeed a very personal experience, that is also very dependent on your spiritual friends, and the energy you may channel.

Important is your willingness to go into trance, to be open, and to accept it.

It is very important to know that everyone of us is a part of All That Is. But you are also a very unique part in this universe, because you have your free will, that can not be controlled from any other Being from the spiritual world. For example: an angel is only allowed to help you, if you ask for help.

This also means you only can fall in Trance, or connect to your spiritual friends, if you wish this to happen.

Types of Trance

Light Trance

Here you experience a state of heaviness or lightness of the body, and also a kind of tiredness. But remember, it can be different for every person. But most of the time, you are still awake, and all senses are open to receive. You can get out of this trance very easily, most of the time, with just few deep breaths.

Middle Trance

Here you have a deeper relaxation on the physical and mental levels.

Your energy expands more, and you might be very open to see pictures.

The focus goes from the outside to the inside, and the awareness of your surroundings is very limited.  This state of trance is perfect for Trance Healing. If you are in this state, it is always good to work with a “Guardian”, someone, who is there for you to support you to go into this deep relaxation.

Deep Trance or Full Trance

A Full Trance is not easy to reach. Experience, and lots of practise are necessary. An experienced Medium can do a deep Trance to channel information from Higher Beings, like Angels, Master and so on. In this case the Higher Beings speak through the Medium. The Medium’s consciousness makes room for the consciousness of the Being he or she is channeling.  A guardian should be there for assistance. The Trance is so deep, that the medium has no memory after the Trance about what happened.

What is Trance Healing?

Trance Healing is a very powerful method of spiritual healing, because the healing energy comes directly from Spirit. A Trance Healing session can be supportive in times where we are out of balance on all levels, for example high stress or emotional problems.

Trance Healing is perfect for spiritual Self Healing, but you also can help others. It works on the emotional, mental and spiritual level more than on physical problems, but still includes this level as well if a physical problem is attached to emotional, mental or spiritual problems.

How does it work?

Before a Trance Healing, you, as the Medium, will go into a deep meditation to reach a state of light, or middle trance, that varies from person to person.

Then you will link with your Spiritual Friends. They can be your Spirit Guides and helpers, Ascended Masters, Angels or Archangels, Ancestors and so on.  In this process your energy field, and the energy field of your Spiritual Friends will blend.

Maybe you know already who your Spiritual Guides and Friends from other meditations are. This can be very helpful, but I also recommend to let  spirit decide who will come to your healing session. That is why I am calling them Spiritual Friends.

Your Spiritual Friends are a spiritual Intelligence, and they have more insights then you have, and they know exactly what to do. They know about your Past Lives, or about your karmic problems, which can be the source of the problem you may have.

In Trance Healing you are not the healer. The healing comes from Spirit.

If you intend to get involved in the Healing process, you can actually block the process. Trance Healing means to trust in Spirit and to let it happen.

How to do the Meditation

  • Find a quiet place for this session.
  • Sit on a comfortable chair, feel should be side by side.
  • Breathe in and out, and let go of any tension.
  • Very slowly close your eyes, and feel a light tiredness coming over you.
  • Start to focus on your breathing. Breathe in through your nose, and out through your nose. And when you breathe in, feel your lower belly expanding, and then filling up your lungs with air, and when you breathe out, feel how your belly slowly sinks in again. Stay with this deep breathing.
  • Bring your awareness to your feet. Go with your awareness down to the middle of the earth,  and  connect with Mother Earth. Just think: I connect with Mother Earth.
  • Go with your awareness above your head, and higher up, and allow yourself to connect to the Creator.
  • Ask for protection, and that this session may be for the Highest and Best.
  • Bring your awareness to your heart.
  • Now remember a time, where you have been very relaxed.
  • Breathe in and out, and with each breath you allow yourself to be very relaxed.
  • Now send out a thought to those Spirit Friends, who can help you the most to heal you on all levels of your being.
  • Invite your spiritual friends to step closer to you.
  • Breathe, and know that with each breath you breathe in, your spiritual friends come closer to you.
  • Feel the energy changing around you. Fell the presence of your Spirit Friends in your space.
  • Ask your friends to give you a sign, or symbol, that will help you to know when they are linked to you, and be aware of any change.
  • Now, with a single thought ask for healing.
  • Breathe in and out, and know that with each breath you take in, you breathe in the healing energy from your spiritual friends. You don’t need to focus or think or imagine how you get the healing energy, just allow it to happen.
  • If you feel the session is done, give gratitude and love to your Spirit Friends, and ask them to step back.
  • Go with your awareness about your head again, and higher up, and give gratitude to the Creator.
  • Go with your awareness down to the middle of the earth, and give grated to mother Earth.
  • Start to feel your body on your seat. Move your feet and hands, stretch your legs and arm.


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