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Collective Consciousness: Know Yourself, Who Are We?

Collective Consciousness: Know Yourself, Who Are We?

Collective Consciousness: Know Yourself, Who Are We?

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Spirituality is not easily defined. It’s a very broad concept, open to interpretation. There are many perspectives on this subject. The problem in getting a consensus is the fact that most people think it has something to do with a sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves. On top of that they are looking for the meaning in life. In some intuitive way we all know spirituality is something that connects us, but it’s hard to say how.

The way I see it, spirituality isn’t something bigger than ourselves. And the meaning is what we give it. But how much do you know about yourself?

How Much Do You Know about Yourself?

I know nothing!

Socrates was called the wisest man alive in his day, because he admitted that he knew nothing.

Everything we think we are, or have been, or might become is rolled up into a story. We all live in the moment, whether we’re aware of it or not. There is no other way to live. The past and the future don’t exist outside of your memory and imagination. Both of which are very inaccurate and tainted with fear and expectation.
In order to communicate with each other, about where we’ve been, and were we might be going, we tell stories. You might think that this is normal conversation, but in fact all conversation is part of an ongoing narrative of life. These realtime stories we tell each other is called the truth.
The truth is that we are just making it up as we go along.
Our dogmatic religions, our spirituality, explained though New Age beliefs, are all just inventions of that same story craft we use to communicate. Somebody made it up at one time, and others agreed on the story as being fact.

But there are no facts, just interpretations of reality.

How Much Do You Know about Yourself:

The Enlightenment Of Knowing Nothing

Admitting you know nothing means there is one alternative left: now you must look on the inside.

Becoming mindful of who you are is important. All you can do is focus on the immediate experience of consciousness, and observe everything happening at once within all of your senses and beyond. This includes sights, sounds, smells, feelings, thoughts, imaginings, etc.

This is the real spiritual you. You are consciousness, whatever that is, experiencing reality now! That’s it!
Beware of people wanting to sell you expensive spiritual experiences, promising you a place in heaven. Experiencing true spirituality only costs the time you take to discover who you really are. Look within.

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How To do Reiki healing To Energize The 7 Chakras For Yourself

How To do Reiki healing To Energize The 7 Chakras For Yourself

How To do Reiki healing To Energize The 7 Chakras For Yourself

How to reiki:… Let’s give Reiki to our 7 main charkas. This reiki treatment will energize the 7 chakras. It’s a self reiki treatment that you can do right now. We start at the top of the head, then third eye, throat, heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral and Root Chakra.

This method is perfect after your Reiki level 1 attunements, and at any time you want to relax. Practice these 21 minutes for 21 day to have the best results. Lina will show you how. Let’s begin. I hope this how to reiki healing, to do a reiki treatment to energize the 7 chakras for yourself helps you to heal, so please do it regularly:…

Spiritual Healing Through Spiritual Development Online Classes

Spiritual Healing Through Spiritual Development Online Classes

Spiritual Healing Through Spiritual Development Online Classes We Help Spiritual Seekers to learn and grow with our ONLINE Classes, for Spiritual Development.
Take one of the best courses available on the planet 🙂 Learn to do spiritual healing and so much more!
Learning in a group can be great, but… – what if you don’t have the possibility to get to the class? – what if you don’t have time, because of your job, or family?
We know, your time is valuable! Online Learning Benefits Well Structured. Easy to Learn. Learn at your own pace. Bite sized lessons. Courses are optimized to play back on any device. Engage with the instructors. Ask anything. Get support. Are you in? Start your Spiritual development with our online classes:
Are you an Energy Healer?

Are you an Energy Healer?

Are you an Energy Healer?

How does it work? With your focus, intention, and imagination you create an orb of energy in the solar plexus of the client. Out of this orb you pull an energy stream through the clients energy channels of the body, until the client feels harmonized and balanced.

You can learn this method in a short time of one hour! So, keep learning and growing. What is included? – Animated videos to learn the technique – Live session videos – Guided Meditation for Self Healing – Cheat Sheets for the technique If you are a Healer, than you need to know this technique! Let’s get started now.

Become A Certified Trance Healer!

Become A Certified Trance Healer!

Finally, my new course is online!

I love this special form of Mediumship!

Trance Healing isn’t just a spiritual healing method that you can use for yourself and others, it’s also an important part of developing your Mediumship skills!

Check out my Certified Trance Healing online Course, maybe it’s something for you.

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How to do a Spiritual Room Cleansing with Reiki Symbols

How to do a Spiritual Room Cleansing with Reiki Symbols

If you do Energy Healing, you will know how important it is that your workplace feels clean and comfortable, not just physically, but energetically too.
If you want your client, and yourself, to feel comfortable and protected during a healing or meditation, I suggest to create a sacred space by doing a spiritual cleansing.

Spiritual cleansing is nothing new. Our ancestors used to do spiritual cleansing for their homes to get rid of negative or stagnant energy, and to bring positive energy and harmony inside.

We can find different cleansing methods in all cultures around the world. The methods and tools may vary from culture to culture, but the intent to bring harmony into a space is always the same.

If you are a Reiki Level 2 practitioner, you can use the Symbols to do a spiritual cleansing. I will tell you, how I do it:

  1. I ground myself
  2. I connect with the Reiki energy. I include the Power Symbol, by drawing this symbol  in front of myself, saying three times the Mantra, and stepping into this Symbol. This process connects me deeper with Reiki, and serves the same time as an protection.
  3. Now I draw in the middle of the room the Distance Symbol, and say 3 x the Mantra. This the the anchor point, and will help to remain the positive energy after the cleansing.
  4. I draw in every corner the Power Symbol, and say 3 x the Mantra. I love to use an incense stick for this process. I let the energy flow out from my hands for few minutes.
  5. To the end I draw the Emotional/Mental Symbol in the middle of the room, I say the Mantra 3 x, and say or think: May this room be filled with LOVE and LIGHT.
  6. When I feel it is done, I say “thank you, and so it is”

If you need to get more ideas, how to do a spiritual cleansing, then visit my  video course:


How do you a spiritual cleansing?



Gratitude is an extremely powerful energy. The more we are grateful the more gratitude we will get back.

Gratitude is the quickest way for you to make a connection to your soul. When you are connected to your soul, you become one with the universal wisdom, because you feel connected with all that IS. You will feel yourself as if you are an energetic being of infinite possibilities.

When you are in the energy field of gratitude your ego will be compelled to get out of your way.

A common reason why we have problems with people is because there is a lack of gratitude. It is often the case that we expect gratitude from other people when we are unaware of the fact that we do not show them any gratitude ourselves.

A lack of gratitude will influence our entire lives negatively.

Lets create, with many others, a Portal of Love and Gratitude! Lets spread it around the world. Start sharing now!

You are all awesome, and I am grateful for you!

Through this meditation you will learn, each day, to see the wonders of life, because your attention is focused on GRATITUDE and LOVE.

And the more that we spread this gratitude and love meditation throughout the world, every day, the more wonders there will be for all of us to share. Indeed, do the Love and Gratitude meditation as much as possible, share it with everyone, because when you do this you are joining, and creating, a morphic field of information that begins with a single idea, or thought, that attracts another identical idea, or thought, like a magnet, and becomes an info field. The more the same thought is collected in that field the bigger the morphic field becomes. Spreading, and practicing, this meditation will create a huge morphic field that has the potential to change everything we know for the good forever. This morphic field is what we call our portal of love and gratitude.

Love and Light


Tarot Card Readings

Tarot Card Readings

Reading Tarot cards is a wonderful tool for gaining insights into your mind or subconscious mind.

There are many myths about where they originated from. It has been said that the first Tarot deck was created in France.

When you read your Tarot cards, this is like reading your life story, so to speak. If you start to read the Major Arcana from 0-21, you will notice that they tell you the story of your life, beginning with your childhood.

It is possible to do readings for yourself as well for your friends.

Some people fear to read the Tarot cards, because they think when there is a bad forecast that this will become true. But Tarot cards are simply a tool to help you be aware of what is going on right now in your life, and if you see something unpleasent on its way, you can choose to change it, before it will knock on your door.

There are 78 cards, 22 major arcana (big secret) and 56 minor arcana. The major arcana represent a person’s life path, the minor arcana represent events in your life.

In the beginning it looks like it might be hard to learn how to read Tarot cards, but I learnt a method back in Germany, from my teacher, that really helped me to learn and understand Tarot cards in an easy way.

Maybe you would like to join me for my next class on the 4th of December, at 7 pm? We will meet each Friday for around 8 times, and each time your investment will only be 20 Dollars. – Note: Course is already running.

Do you want to learn Tarot?

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How Can This Simple Mantra Effect Everything Out There In Your Life?

How Can This Simple Mantra Effect Everything Out There In Your Life?

You may have heard of the Hawaiian therapist Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, who never met any of his clients, but cured an entire ward of criminally insane patients.

How was he able to cure them?

He did this by simply reviewing each of his patients files, and used this simple Mantra to heal, not the patients, but himself. He said: “I am sorry”, “Please forgive me”, “Thank you”, “I love you”

Is this really possible? This sounds like a miracle, right?

Dr. Len used a simplified version of Ho’oponopono, that he calls Self I-Dentity.

The idea behind Ho’oponopono is that I am responsible for whatever problem I may have in my life.

This means anything that is happening to me outside, is actually only happening on the inside, in my mind, consciously and subconsciously

This is not an easy concept to accept, because it seems obvious to us on the surface that we have problems because of other people and our environment.

But maybe he is right, maybe there is no such thing as “outside”, and everything happens to us in our minds? So everything you see, and everything you hear, you experience in your mind. But you think it is ‘outside” of you.

You may think if you have a problem, or someone is mean to you, that this is the fault of other people or the environment. But Dr. Len says: No, it is all going on inside of yourself.

What you see outside yourself is all just information, and a reflection of your inner world!

If you think about it, this sounds pretty scary. And it is really hard to understand … at least at the beginning.

But if you accept that everything around you is information, which shows you what is really going on inside of you, wouldn’t you think that this must be a gift from the Gods?

Ho'oponopono Mantra Calgary, Beyond Reiki CalgaryIf something is not right on the outside, something that is bothering you, then understand that this is just information, that something is not solved in your mind, or subconscious mind, and now you get the chance to clean this information by simply using the Mantra: “I am sorry”, “Please forgive me”, “Thank you”, “I love you”

Example: A man’s wife complains that he never helps around the house. He if offended, thinking that she is always complaining.

But now he understands that this is just information for him, information (may come from past experiences) in his mind, or subconscious mind, which needs to be corrected.

He asks himself: If I created a complaining wife, why did I do this? Maybe he realizes that he often feels worthless, and this negative thinking might have started in his childhood, at school. Or maybe he as no idea why, but accepts that something is going on inside of himself, not outside of himself.

What ever it might be, he can now decide what to do:

If he decides to get angry, and he thinks his wife is terrible, and he wishes her to leave him, and maybe she will leave him one day, he still would have something inside of him, which will always create this situation for him again in the future.

But when he decides to accept that this situation with his wife is an opportunity to change something inside of himself, he would start to think : “I am sorry”, “Please forgive me”, “Thank you”, “I love you”.

When he says ” I am sorry”, this is addressed only to himself, to Divinity (his God within him, or his Higher Self). He is sorry for creating this situation, and for the negative thoughts that he had, which separates him from love.

When he says “please forgive me”, he is asking himself, his divine self, for forgiveness from being separated from love.

When we says “thank you” he is thanking his Divinity for the opportunity to learn from his problems, and for forgiving himself.

When he says “I love you” to his Divinity, he will be united again with All That Is, and create PEACE in and around himself.

Check out the videos:

Part 1

Part 2

If this concept is still hard to understand, maybe you can see it from this point of view.

Let’s say, there is an Ego Self and your True Self, and both are a part of you. Your Ego Self is consciously and subconsciously creating situations in life that can be good or not so good, which is stopping you from living live through your True Self.

And when the Ego realizes what it did, it can change this by saying to the True Self: Please forgive me, I am sorry, Thank you, I love you.

But I think the best way is just to try it out, and see what happens in your life, and the positive changes it can create.

You need to do it to understand how it works, even if it feels strange.

Maybe you should give it a try?