How to do a Spiritual Room Cleansing with Reiki Symbols

How to do a Spiritual Room Cleansing with Reiki Symbols

If you do Energy Healing, you will know how important it is that your workplace feels clean and comfortable, not just physically, but energetically too.
If you want your client, and yourself, to feel comfortable and protected during a healing or meditation, I suggest to create a sacred space by doing a spiritual cleansing.

Spiritual cleansing is nothing new. Our ancestors used to do spiritual cleansing for their homes to get rid of negative or stagnant energy, and to bring positive energy and harmony inside.

We can find different cleansing methods in all cultures around the world. The methods and tools may vary from culture to culture, but the intent to bring harmony into a space is always the same.

If you are a Reiki Level 2 practitioner, you can use the Symbols to do a spiritual cleansing. I will tell you, how I do it:

  1. I ground myself
  2. I connect with the Reiki energy. I include the Power Symbol, by drawing this symbol  in front of myself, saying three times the Mantra, and stepping into this Symbol. This process connects me deeper with Reiki, and serves the same time as an protection.
  3. Now I draw in the middle of the room the Distance Symbol, and say 3 x the Mantra. This the the anchor point, and will help to remain the positive energy after the cleansing.
  4. I draw in every corner the Power Symbol, and say 3 x the Mantra. I love to use an incense stick for this process. I let the energy flow out from my hands for few minutes.
  5. To the end I draw the Emotional/Mental Symbol in the middle of the room, I say the Mantra 3 x, and say or think: May this room be filled with LOVE and LIGHT.
  6. When I feel it is done, I say “thank you, and so it is”

If you need to get more ideas, how to do a spiritual cleansing, then visit my  video course:


How do you a spiritual cleansing?

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