Practicing the Two Point Technology

Practicing the Two Point Technology

The Two Point Transform Method is amazing. This System can reboot your life by helping to release blockages, and transform the garbage that is holding you back from true success.

How does the Two Point Method work?
Actually, to be honest, I don’t really know how it works. For me it is like a wonder. Dr. Bartlett explains in his books how it is supposed to work from the point of view of Quantum Physics, and I am really fascinated to learn about it, but still I’m spellbound by this mystery.
What I know is, that the Two Point Method creates an arc of contact between the problemand the non-problem. In that moment, when we focus on both of these points at the same time, and we let it go by breathing out, we are accessing the Zero Point Field. At this moment, when we breathe out, we have no thoughts. This is when we are accessing the Zero Point Field.
The Zero Point Field represents a infinite amount of potential, that does not have a fixed charge. From this field comes an impulse back, which creates a new possibility to change the problem.
It creates a wave, which is an after effect of the impulse.
On the physical level we may sway a little, or even fall backwards, or move strangely, which indicates that the info is in our system, and the change can begin. This might happen fast or a bit slower. It depends on the person readiness to let it happen.
Letting go, letting it happen, and just observing what is happening is the key.

Lina already experience the wave and is going to sway a bit.

Two Point Transform


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