Time For A Bit Magic

Time For A Bit Magic

energy healing calgarySupermoon Lunar Eclipse Rises Tonight – a rare astrological event!

Wow, tonight we will see a Blood Moon! The moon’s orange color tonight is the result of the combination of a Supermoon with a total lunar eclipse. Tonight the Moon also comes the closest to Earth!

This means the Moon will look really big!

I heard from people that they feel lots of energy, or have disrupted sleeping, very vivid dreams, feelings of letting go of old thinking patterns, and lots of energy to create new ones. I have also experienced these symptoms since over a week now!

It is said that this Full Moon is very powerful, and may will send some surprises your way.

Yesterday, when I cleaned my kitchen, a thought came to my head, and stayed there for a long time: “It’s all about choices”

I know that all new things start with our choices. And I am glad that we are able to do so, because we have our free will. I also know that people often don’t use their free will, and they get stuck in life, and they think they can do nothing to move forward. I can include myself in these thoughts sometimes as well, but I learnt to observe my thoughts, and I learnt to be an optimist that sees chances and opportunities, and I only need to choose!

I think this special moon tonight, and also all special moons coming up, and all wonderful days ahead, are opportunities to make new choices!

With choices we start a new journey, it is the feeling of being ready for a change.

A change starts with your thinking. It it so important to observe your thoughts. Ask yourself, are your thoughts making you feel good or bad?  If you feel cramps in your stomach, or something doesn’t feel right, then catch them, let them go and create new thoughts of Empowering, Love and Gratitude.

Tonight my friends and I will meet for a little ritual, which will help us to let go of thoughts that create blockages, and to start a new journey with new choices.

At first we will do a little cleansing of our own energy, and thoughts that create blockages. Then we will think about our new choices, write them down, and do a special magical ritual to start a new journey. This ritual will include the elements fire, earth, air, water, and love, and our Spirit Friends, Guides, Angles, and so on.

After this I hope we can celebrate with chocolate!

What kind of MAGIC could you do tonight?

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