What Is The Best Meditation For You?

What Is The Best Meditation For You?

Meditation is helpful to let go of stress, and to replace it with inner peace. It is a great tool to balance body, mind, and soul.

Meditation Calgary I know, there are so many kinds of meditations you can choose from. 

But really, what is the best meditation?
I think, in order to meditate, choose one that is simple, and comfortable. Whatever works for you is the right meditation.

Important is to find a kind of meditation, that makes you want to keep doing it every day. 

When I started to meditate, I just focused on my breath. Everyday I took 5-10 minutes just sitting down, closing my eyes, and focussing on my breathing rhythm, thinking “I breathe in now”, and “I breathe out now”.

In doing so, after a few meditations, I often lost track of time, and my meditations went longer than just 10 minutes. I didn’t even need to focus on my breathing anymore, because I felt like I was my own breath. I had the feeling I was really connected with my inner true self.

Now, when my students ask me, what meditation they should do, I always suggest to start with this simple meditation. KEEP IT SIMPLE.

I also understand that to meditate on your own is not always easy. I suggest to try a guided meditation. You can buy a lot of different kinds of guided mediations, or you can find a meditation group in your area.
Try the short guided meditation above, and feel the release of stress. Maybe you want to integrate it in your daily life, to find your own inner peace.

What kind of Meditation works best for you? Please leave a comment or question:

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