Psychic Reading or Mediumship Reading?

Psychic Reading or Mediumship Reading?

What is the difference between a Psychic Reading and Mediumship?

Psychic Medium Calgary
A Psychic Reading
focusses mostly on your life here and now, your Past, Present and Future. It is about money, relationships and health, and so on. Psychics often use tools like cards. Psychics also can connect to your departed loved ones and give messages that can help you to find the right direction.

Mediumship is the communication with your loved ones on the Other Side. A Medium is also a Psychic, but is specialize in connecting to your departed loved ones with the attention to give you messages directly from your loved ones. Also a medium will give you as many details as possible about the departed loved ones, and to give you validation that they are still with us. A Medium normally does not use any tools like cards.

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