Aura And Aura Meaning: What Is Your Personal Charisma?

Aura And Aura Meaning: What Is Your Personal Charisma?

Aura And Aura Meaning: What Is Your Personal Charisma?

Aura: learn more! Understanding the aura is important for reiki!

Every living organism is surrounded by an electromagnetic energy field, and we call this an Aura. This field vibrates at different frequencies and reflects our Body, Thoughts, Emotions, and Inner Being. In the aura teachings we often talk about how the aura consists of different ethereal bodies, or layers.

These bodies are not fenced off, but flow into each other like the colors of the aura. Aura meaning: not only do the aura colors signify your spiritual state, but there is more: The Four Energy Bodies/Layers related to the aura There are lots of teachings that state we have many energy levels. But most healers work with the following aura levels:

1 – Ether body (etheric body, or vital body) – vitality Aura This field is the first layer and enfolds the body with a distance approximately five centimetres above the skin. The ether body contains information about the physical structure, and gives vitality to the physical body.

2 – Emotional body – feelings, emotional Aura This field reflects the feelings and emotions of the individual. The body contains the emotions connected to your memories as well as how you feel at this current moment. Emotional injuries must be healed, otherwise an illnesses can result. How we feel depends also on our thoughts.

3 – Mental body – thought Aura Here we find all of our thoughts and thought patterns. This means the mental body is the carrier and organizer of the conscious and unconscious thought-processes, as well as thought habits like evaluation, ethical, and moral ideas. If something is wrong in one’s world of thoughts, the body reacts. Therefore this knowledge means responsibility – “What am I thinking?”

4 – Spiritual body – bridge to the spiritual world Aura Here we connect to the power of creation, with the unity of all life. The spiritual body is also divided up into broader layers, which I won’t go into any further here, because it is a very complex system, and not necessary for Reiki healing. The aura, on one hand is simple, yet the aura is complex as you can see.

Reiki helps to bring balance to it. Note: The aura is different from person to person in structure, form, color, and content. The aura is in continuous flux.

With the help of the Kirlian photography, named after two Russian scientists Semjon and Walentina Kirlian, the aura can even be represented photographically.

But there are other ways to see the aura. Through further development of high frequency photography, in connection with computer technology, it is even possible today to produce a colour picture of a persons aura. People have been known to have the power to see auras too. The Aura is amazing! Click here: to learn more.

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