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How To Get Good Luck Though Karma

How To Get Good Luck Though Karma

How To Get Good Luck Though Karma


How To Get Good Luck? Click now:… The Karma Connection To Good Karma On the surface, Karma is cause and effect. Many think Karma is created through deeds alone, but there is more to it than that.

Your thoughts play a big role in creating your Karma. Your thoughts and deeds lead to a karmic result, which resonates into the future. Looking deeper down the spiritual rabbit hole, however, it becomes obvious that Karma is neither good or bad. It’s simply a Quantum field of information, which establishes a template for your life, or future lives. Karma is a teacher. Bad karma has an important lesson you need to pay attention to right now! The good news is that your karmic template is not set in stone.

You can change it. If you want to know how to get good luck, you have to begin by focusing on the right way of thinking. How To Get Good Luck Through Journaling Changing the way you think is the key to getting good luck. Everything begins within your mind and consciousness. Philosophers and sages throughout the ages have said that consciousness creates the universe, and it happens through our thoughts, which science would call a quantum system. The act of observing, on focusing changes the atoms… Taking this theory, and applying it to Karma, it then makes perfect sense that everything begins with a thought. Simply said: bad thoughts create bad karma, and good thoughts create good karma. Of course it’s a bit more complicated than this. You need to work on it .

You need to write down, every day, your bad thoughts, and transform them into positive ones. Like with the quantum example, you need to observe and focus on your own negative thoughts and change your bad karma into good karma. Here is an example which I have previously posted on youtube of how to get good luck through journaling: Sign up to this free e-mail course:… How To Create The Karma You love. And it’ll teach you some powerful techniques on how to get good luck through creating the karma you love. Don’t wait to change your thoughts, because they will change your life!

Journaling Bad Karma For Good Karma, How To Change Your Life With A Past Life Regression

Journaling Bad Karma For Good Karma, How To Change Your Life With A Past Life Regression

Journaling Bad Karma For Good Karma, How To Change Your Life With A Past Life Regression


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First let’s look at a past life regression. Have you ever had a pain somewhere in your body that wouldn’t go away? Have you ever wondered why, that no matter what you do, you never seem to get ahead in life? I did. Past life Karma can be the cause of both.
Clearing Past Life Karma With A Past Life Regression

What is a past life regression:

A past life regression is a technique that uses a trance like state to recover memories of past lives or incarnations. The idea is that the client is taken back to a traumatic death that is a memory, through which the pain or suffering was created in the past, and is connected to future lives, through emotions. Reliving the trauma is a way to recognize the reason for the pain or suffering, and thus releasing it.

My experience, of a past life regression:

My experience was intense. During my past life regression I saw myself as a sailor, who, discovering a tropical island, ventured out, and stumbled into a river. There, my foot got caught between the rocks, and I struggled to release it, but then I drowned. The pain in my foot was excruciating, and I had difficulty breathing during the session. At one point, I felt paralyzed both physically and emotionally.

Going through the death was scary. I was guided through it several times, until the emotion connected to the pain was released.
After going through this traumatic death, later the pain slowly went away from my foot. It really worked.

Clearing Past Life Karma Through Journaling

A past life regression is great for dealing with any suffering, but to change your life, and keep your karma clean or positive, using a karma journal is the way to go.
It teaches you how to be in control of the one thing that is responsible for your future karma: your thoughts.
It’s harder than you might think. The idea is to use a powerful journaling technique to realize your thoughts, what they create, and how they influence our life.

A thought comes first before a deed. Both are important for creating positive karma.

When starting journaling I saw the biggest changes in every area of my life, because I realized my thoughts, and the thoughts of others, and I learned more about myself. And that helped me to understand how important it is to transform my thoughts.

A Quick 3 Point How To Guide:

1. From today on, write down all of your negative thoughts, and the negative thoughts that you hear from other people too. Transform these negative thoughts into positive ones. This is a very important process, and it’ll change your life for the better, including your future karma!

We need to learn to acknowledge our negative thoughts, and to be aware of them.
We need to be aware of what other people say, or what they think, so that we can transform them as well!
Spoken: We need to learn to catch our thoughts, and the words of others the moment they happen, so that we can transform them as soon as possible.

So Grab your empty journaling book and a pen, and let’s start
-Write the date and prepare 4 columns in your journal.
-in the first column right: everything that appears to be negative as a title.
Underneath Write down every situation of the day that made you feel bad. This can include negative thoughts you had, negative words and actions of others. Even the bad stuff on TV or the internet.

All of this information gets imprinted on your emotional and mental body. And will have an effect on your life.

2. In the second column write: The transformation into positive as a title.
In this column you have to find reasons why the negative can be the positive. Bridge this by saying: how good is it that: and find a reason. Write about forgiveness letting go and so on. (Example:) If you experience lots of negativity at work, an argument with your boss, you could say: How good is it that: I can go to work each day, earn money, and support the people I love.
This is a great place to start, and just by doing this you will see positive changes in your life, but there is much more, so:

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Spiritual Healing Through Spiritual Development Online Classes

Spiritual Healing Through Spiritual Development Online Classes

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Aura And Aura Meaning: What Is Your Personal Charisma?

Aura And Aura Meaning: What Is Your Personal Charisma?

Aura And Aura Meaning: What Is Your Personal Charisma?

Aura: learn more! Understanding the aura is important for reiki!

Every living organism is surrounded by an electromagnetic energy field, and we call this an Aura. This field vibrates at different frequencies and reflects our Body, Thoughts, Emotions, and Inner Being. In the aura teachings we often talk about how the aura consists of different ethereal bodies, or layers.

These bodies are not fenced off, but flow into each other like the colors of the aura. Aura meaning: not only do the aura colors signify your spiritual state, but there is more: The Four Energy Bodies/Layers related to the aura There are lots of teachings that state we have many energy levels. But most healers work with the following aura levels:

1 – Ether body (etheric body, or vital body) – vitality Aura This field is the first layer and enfolds the body with a distance approximately five centimetres above the skin. The ether body contains information about the physical structure, and gives vitality to the physical body.

2 – Emotional body – feelings, emotional Aura This field reflects the feelings and emotions of the individual. The body contains the emotions connected to your memories as well as how you feel at this current moment. Emotional injuries must be healed, otherwise an illnesses can result. How we feel depends also on our thoughts.

3 – Mental body – thought Aura Here we find all of our thoughts and thought patterns. This means the mental body is the carrier and organizer of the conscious and unconscious thought-processes, as well as thought habits like evaluation, ethical, and moral ideas. If something is wrong in one’s world of thoughts, the body reacts. Therefore this knowledge means responsibility – “What am I thinking?”

4 – Spiritual body – bridge to the spiritual world Aura Here we connect to the power of creation, with the unity of all life. The spiritual body is also divided up into broader layers, which I won’t go into any further here, because it is a very complex system, and not necessary for Reiki healing. The aura, on one hand is simple, yet the aura is complex as you can see.

Reiki helps to bring balance to it. Note: The aura is different from person to person in structure, form, color, and content. The aura is in continuous flux.

With the help of the Kirlian photography, named after two Russian scientists Semjon and Walentina Kirlian, the aura can even be represented photographically.

But there are other ways to see the aura. Through further development of high frequency photography, in connection with computer technology, it is even possible today to produce a colour picture of a persons aura. People have been known to have the power to see auras too. The Aura is amazing! Click here: to learn more.

Improving Your Karma With Quantum Physics?

Improving Your Karma With Quantum Physics?

Quantum theory says that everything in the universe has a particle nature, and a wave nature, and that the object’s behaviour exists only as probabilities. No small object actually assumes a particular place or motion until its wave-function collapses. When the wave-function collapses it becomes something like the coffee cup you drink from. But how does the wave collapse in the first place? Improving your karma with quantum physics is as easy as collapsing the cup, so to speak.

Improving Your Karma

Improving Your Karma With Entanglement

The wave function collapses. The object can instantly become an object through light hitting it, when taking a picture of it, for example. Or through looking at it. Or, even stranger: just by thinking about it. Thus, the mere knowledge in the experimenter’s mind, is sufficient to cause the wave-function to collapse. And thus create an object.

This means that consciousness is directly related to creating the so called physical world. But it gets even crazier. And this is where karma may be explained through Quantium physics. It’s called entanglement.

Experiments have proven that these Quantium particles can be intimately linked, and in a way that acts as if there’s no space between them, and no time influencing their behaviour. This was done with light particles that were split. Although separated, when one was changed, its twin would do the same.

I think this proves that everything, and everyone is connected, and influences each other.

This Is How Karma Connects And Influences Future Incarnations Too

Everything is connected, or entangled, and since time and space doesn’t really exist, it is easy to see how our Karma persists into the illusion of the future. This entanglement is why we can all share in similar objects and experiences. It gives us the illusion of collectively occupying three dimensional space with others.

So if mere thoughts can change the entangled reality we all share through conscious creation, it means we are constantly creating the template of our experience, which we call Karma through pure thought.

Thus, improving your Karma means improving the way you think. It’s pretty simple, don’t you think? But to do this you will need to learn a powerful technique.

Improve your karma: How To Create The Karma You Love


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