Shaman: The Lost Power

Shaman: The Lost Power

Organized religion has created havoc on tribal culture around the world including in Canada.  The root of their havoc was focused on tribal religion and the Shaman. Horrific cultural genocide has occurred in some of the most advanced societies like Canada. What makes it worse is that Prime Minister Harper was the first Canadian leader to admit it, to apologize, and not that long ago too.

Unlike the priest who preaches that God is the power without, and we are all servants, the Shaman is interested in empowering people, to show them the power within, and setting them free in a spiritual sense. There is a fundamental truth hidden in Shamanism, which allows it to re-surface no matter how hard governments and religions try and stuff it out.

The result of this European influence led to either hybridized religious practices in native communities, or the complete replacement by Christianity.  There is a lot the Church and the government must repair here. But the good thing is that Shamanism is coming back. Many contemporary Aboriginal communities have revived, or continued to practice, traditional spirituality, and shamanism is a big part of it. The sad thing is that so much has already been lost.

One of the most powerful experiences I’ve ever had was visiting a Pow Wow, on both the Tsuu T’ina, and SikSika Nations. Amazing experiences of the shaman drums, dance, and song to be sure. The sheer power of the drum and song envelopes one’s entire being. It is a meditative and trance like experience.  It also feels to me that the frequencies of this powerful rhythm can do some incredible healing.

Although there is no one cohesive belief system, or spiritual practice that binds all Aboriginal Nations, the basic concept is the same: traditional spirituality is not just reserved for Sunday school, and sermons, but it is a part of everyday life.  Activities such as hunting, clan membership, and other aspects of daily life may often be imbued with spiritual meaning.

The Shaman drum is one of the most important elements of a Shamanistic Journey. And it is the way to bridge this world with the spirit world.
A women Shaman, or Shamanka is both wise and compassionate, and is often a medium, and one of great intuition. Daniela Hills is just such a Shamanka. Click here if you are interested in taking a Shamanic Journey.


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