Why Is Spiritual Cleansing Negative Energy Fun?

Why Is Spiritual Cleansing Negative Energy Fun?

Although spiritually cleansing your home, or workplace, can be difficult, as it often begins with de-cluttering, it can be fun too. Spiritual cleansing negative energy is not that difficult, but there is a bit to learn:

Daniela makes it look easy and fun in her FREE Course: How to do a Spiritual Cleansing to create a Sacred Place.

I love her descriptions of the different tools that you can use to do the cleansing. I always thought that a feather and sage were the only tools to use, but I was wrong.

This is a beginners to intermediate course, but great, not just for reiki masters to drive away stagnate and negative energy before and after a session, but for anyone who needs to create better flowing positive energy in their home. This can be good for even home owners who need to sell their house. Sometimes all you need to make a sale is to change the energy in your home through a spiritual cleansing of negative energy.

I’ve also heard of businesses that have done a spiritual cleansing in there offices, and afterward their productivity and profits have increased.

Spiritual Cleansing Negative Energy
Spiritual Cleansing Negative Energy

So here are some other reasons to do a spiritual cleansing: before a healing session, or after a healing session. Sometimes it is good to do it before a meditation, or after an argument. When you get sick, and the illness has passed, this is also a good time to do it. It is obviously good for sending ghosts into the light, but this is beyond this course. On the other hand, you can use the knowledge to cleanse after someone has past away.

It is good to cleanse negative energy before you move into a new house, or after a divorce or break up, and more…

Doing a spiritual cleansing of negative energy is fun. How do I know? When kids will help you do it, and love doing it, it seems obvious. Using things like drums, bells, rattles, making noise, and blowing sage around your home is not child’s play, but it sure is amusing. And afterwards, when you feel the positive change in your home or workplace, it just makes you feel good!

So go and have some fun, and bring new energy into your life. Take this course now: How to do a Spiritual Cleansing to create a Sacred Place.

Or:  Take this amazing shamanic journey course

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