Who Is The Founder Of White Light Self Empowerment, And How Can It Improve Your Life?

Who Is The Founder Of White Light Self Empowerment, And How Can It Improve Your Life?

This chakra healing system is powerful. If you don’t know about it, White Light Self Empowerment™ has spread across the world, with thousands of White Light Level 4 – Master/Teachers, and practitioners. Did you know that Daniela Hills is the the founder of the White Light Self Empowerment System too?

White Light self empowerment

Not only did she channel the White Light system, she a shaman, and a excellent medium who has channeled spirits, and successfully dealt with spirit possession for the dearly departed to communicate with their loved ones. She has a huge education, and years of experience in many levels of spiritual thought and application.

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The energy of this system is very similar to a reiki attunement, yet is comes with a higher vibration. The basic purpose of White Light Self Empowerment™ is to open chakras. In this process the pure energy clears, enlarges, and cures them. The chakras become energize, and they all connect to each other too. The interesting thing is that the physical body gets energized down to every cell.

The result is that on a physical level your intuition becomes sharper, your thoughts and feelings become clear and focused too. The more you work with it, the more you will be able to connect to  your higher-self, your spiritual guides.

White Light self empowerment

Using this method for distance healing and chakra healing, Daniela always connects to the highest source of Being: the White Light.

The symbol this system uses is a white, crystal-clear, radiant energy orb, perfect for distance healing, and spiritual healing.

Another benefit of this system is that you do not need to be attuned in another healing system.

This chakra healing system splits up in four degrees:

1st The Clearing
2nd The Healing
3rd The Expansion
4th Master/Teacher

This is an awesome and popular system that has many people using it regularly.

The more people use it, on a personal and collective basis, the stronger the White Light vibration becomes. The higher the vibration becomes for you, the closer you will get to your higher self.

Spiritual practice, like this system offers, is not something you should do one day a week, or when you feel yourself needing help, but something you should do every day. The more you practice this chakra healing, the more you will find your inner peace, the more you will effortlessly deal with anything life throws at you. Add to this the practice of regular gratitude, you will find a huge change in your life toward success in anything: love, relationships, health and money…

Daniela offers you this FREE Gratitude meditation too:

More on Daniela (this is by no means a complete resume, as she has added a lot more to this list over time):


Ecology of the thoughts (Education by Dr. Ludmilla P. Trojan aus Moskau, Jenja Kegeles)
Secrets of the subconscious (Education by Dr. Ludmilla P. Trojan from Moskau)
Gratitude (Education by Dr. Ludmilla P. Trojan from Moskau)
Information streams (channeling)(Education by Dr. Ludmilla P. Trojan from Moskau) Gratitude (By Dr. Ludmilla P. Trojan)
Nano-Technology – by Dr. L. P. Trojan
Money and Business – (Education by Betina M. Spring based on the teachings of A.S. Vartanian)
Intuition-Training – (Education by Betina M. Spring based on the teachings of A.S. Vartanian)
Becoming younger and loosing weight – (Education by Marina Benner based on the teachings of A.S. Vartanian)

Reincarnation therapy Jameison (Reincarnation therapy-Education by HP A. Klieme)

Usui-Reiki (Education by Betina Maria Spring und Norbert Kuhl)
Grand Master degree(Education by Brunhilde Lemper)
Shamballa-Reiki (Education by Brunhilde Lemper)
Karuna Reiki® (registered teacher) (Education by Argante Komyo Reiki Kai (Education by Karel Putz) and more….

Egyptian school:
Seichim (Education by Brunhilde Lemper)
Isis Seichim (Education by A. S. Steuernthal)
RA~SHEEBA® (Education by A. S. Steuernthal)

Shamanic Healing:
Professional Aura Balancer (Spiralaura-Balance by Nemi Nath aus Australien)(Education by Betina Maria Spring)
Soul Hunting and Shamanic Healing Dance (by Frank Natale)(Education by Betina Maria Spring)
Ama Deus Shamanic Healing (Education by Pamela Jordan from Irland)

Other Energy-Healing-Systems:
Violet Crystal(Education by A. S. Steuernthal)
Magnified Healing® (registered teacher) (Education by A. S. Steuernthal)
Energy-Grid Activation (Education by Manuela Kornatz)
…and more…

This article has been donated to us by our guest author Michael Hills.

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