How Can Shamanic Trance Music Help You Break Through To The Spirit World?

How Can Shamanic Trance Music Help You Break Through To The Spirit World?

Drums are an important tool for the shaman. Shamanic trance music is not right without drumming in my opinion. The ever increasing rhythms of the oscillating drumming frequencies induces a trance state in the dancer, or listener, sometimes to the point of ecstasy. This helps to activate an entry into the spirit world.

The trance is the key to unlocking the power within. The trance cuts through logic, to connect with the subconscious, which is part of your true self. This takes you to places that otherwise would be impossible to visit. It takes you to the other side…

Shamanic Trance Music

You can visit the other side too, through the shamanic trance music that comes with this online tutorial.

Daniela Hills, the shaman who has created this course, is also producing a soon to be released shamanic trance dance music course, which is going to be amazing. The drumming music included in her: How To Do A Shamanic Journey Course is superb, and will put you in the right trance-like, meditative state to get you journeying quickly.

When I tried it, I found my power animal on my first try, and it was easy. The interesting thing about going into a trance is that I connected to both the spirit world and the real world at the same time. I could return anytime I wanted to, if I met evil spirits, and felt I did not want to meet them. If I had been in a hypnotized state I would not be in control.

For me, this is important. I always want to be in control of my shamanic experiences, and a trance state is perfect for this. I know that part of traditional shamanistic ritual means confronting the negative with pain and suffering, but this kind of shamanism is not for me. I have had enough pain and suffering in my life, and I prefer the New Age shamanism, which believes it is better to avoid negative energies entirely, and stay focused on the positive, which can also release blockages.

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