Shaman Healing Ritual Monkey Love From Heaven

Shaman Healing Ritual Monkey Love From Heaven

Getting lost in a tropical rainforest is a death sentence. If the lack of drinkable water, no food, poisonous snakes, and insects don’t get you, than the flooding rivers might. This is the situation a Chilean tourist, Maykool, found himself, lost in the Amazon rainforest. He was lost for nine days, enough time for it to be almost certain he would never return. But he did, and some say it was a shaman healing ritual that saved him.

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Shaman Healing Ritual The Monkey Spirit Liked?

Believe it or not he was kept alive by a group of monkeys. The animals brought him fruit, which they dropped on him from the tree tops, and eventually showed him where to find shelter, and to a water source.

Before this happened, park rangers, unable to find the man, invited some spiritual shamans to help with the search. They performed some traditional rituals that would help find the missing man.

Then, six days later, rangers found one of Maykool’s socks. Using the item the shaman healing ritual was intensified through prayers. A couple of days later their pleas had been accepted by Pachamama. Then they made contact with the man’s soul. The personal item made it so much easier to focus on Maykool and connect to him.

After That He Was Found And Reunited With His Family

The power to connect with the spiritual world should not be underestimated with shaman healing ritual. Was it a coincidence that the monkeys felt they had to save Maykool, or did the shaman healing ritual inspire Spirit to send help? You can believe what you want. But from my personal experience, shamanic ritual and journeys into the spirit world, work wonders for bring balance into my life.

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