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Shamanic Healing Courses: Where Does The Healing Begin?

Shamanic Healing Courses: Where Does The Healing Begin?

Much healing begins in the mind; and understanding the mind is the door to spirituality. I don’t mean to say that we will ever fully comprehend how the mind works, but the understanding you need is one that tries to exclude the mind all together… Shamanic healing courses, like the one Daniela offers, focuses on the subconscious mind, which will assist you to unlock the hidden none logical powers within.

The point is that healing is more likely to occur when you are able to quiet the mind from past failures, from worries of the future, from the made up stress of the present moment.

A shamanic journey, that takes you through the spiritual middle world, underworld, and upper world, is both a journey to another dimension, and one through the personal, hidden subconscious places. It takes you below the burdened layer of the logical mind, to where all of your hidden energy is kept.

This kind of shamanic healing courses helps you to unlock these energies, by finding and bringing back your power animal. This happens on both a spiritual and physical level.

Being able to shut down the endless ramblings of the logical mind is important. Logic will always take you from point A to point B: the imagination can take you anywhere. Letting go of the mathematical left brain function, in favour of the intuitive imagination right brain function, is important, and the first step on a shamanic journey.

Shamanic Healing Courses

Logic just gets in the way of healing, and can lead to worry, torment, and stress, not to mention frustration. We need to go with the imagination, to go anywhere we want, to get back to our inner selves.

The healing begins when we are whole. After finding and bringing back the parts that are hiding in our free flowing subconscious minds we can achieve this. A shamanic journey can be a huge advantage in helping you to heal in this way.

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Why Might Shaman Healing Not Work?

Why Might Shaman Healing Not Work?

Many people over the centuries have looked for healing through traditional and New Age shamanism. But why might shaman healing not work? There may be several reasons, from the shaman not being experienced enough, to the person needing the healing in the first place. In terms of the latter, no one can be healed, in my experience, if they don’t want to be.

Aside from broken bones and such, many illnesses are a direct result of how we think.

Or better said: how negative thinking influences our well being. We all have negative thoughts, but some people are addicted to certain thought patterns that are detrimental to their well-being. In these cases the person wanting shaman healing is unlikely to change these patterns, and are thus unwilling to receive healing.

This psychology works today too. Many people who go to a regular doctor can not be healed because they don’t want to be healed. What this boils down to is that people looking for healing have to participate.

Much of what a shaman does is creating symbols of healing through ritual and contacting spirits. In a lot of ways a shaman is the original physiologist, and finding and bringing back your power animal, for example, is a way of unlocking potential healing energy in your subconscious.

So a shaman healing might not work if you are not willing to make it work yourself. This is the basis of all healing, or at least how effective the healing will be in the long run. Sometimes it takes a long to time for shamanic healing to kick in, sometimes it is right away, as if a blockage gets released, and suddenly you feel a lot better. In both cases it’s up to you to let it happen.

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How Can Shamanic Trance Music Take You To The Underworld?

How Can Shamanic Trance Music Take You To The Underworld?

A trance is unlike hypnosis, and enables the one experiencing it to be in control of it. Shamanic trance music, which consists of mostly drumming, will put you into a trance, and take you to meet the spirits, if you’re lucky. A shaman will do the shamanic journey for you, or you can learn to do it yourself with a course.

The trance is created through the increasing rhythm of the drums, which puts out a resonating frequency that helps to balance both sides of the brain, and create harmony, and ecstasy. Thus, the listener is put into a trance.

The trance then leads to the relaxing and opening of the mind to let the creative flow of the universe in.

When the mind is in a trance it is quiet, absent of logical thought patterns that always get in the way of divine inspiration, and exploring the subconscious.

Shamanic trance music can help you achieve a quiet mind, and connect you to your inner-self to travel to the underworld. It helps you to find hidden energies there that can help to improve your health and more.

A shaman works at making you whole again.

They might do a soul hunting to find lost aspects of your soul. Or they might go on a shamanic journey to communicate with the spirits for you. This is done through shamanic trance music.

There are many reasons to use trance, but doing a shamanic journey is probably one of the coolest. I’m not very good at meditation, and I have no idea how to go into trance, but Daniela showed me how, and it’s easy with a cool online shamanic course. It was one of the most interesting experiences of my life.

Use this shamanic trance music in this course to meet the spirits.

Shamanic Healing Courses: The Way To Self Empowered Healing

Shamanic Healing Courses: The Way To Self Empowered Healing

Many people need healing. Shamanic healing courses that empower you are the best. You can have a shaman do the healing for you, true, but then you must be willing to receive healing first. If you learn to do a shamanic healing journey on your own, your willingness will become much more likely. Healing begins with the patient, not with the doctor, or shaman. The more involved, the more responsibility you take for your own healing, the more success you are going to see.

Shamanic Healing Courses

In shamanism, or in regular medical healing, often success is not just about taking a pill.

You have to take care of the cause, not just the symptoms. Often the cause is created through negative energies, created through negative thinking.  Shamanic healing courses will empower you to break the blockages of negativity to find and welcome new energies into your life.

This can be down by finding and bringing back your power animal.

A power animal is symbolic for the part of you, or the energy, that needs to be added to your life, which might be missing, lost, or never realized. It will give to you it’s characteristics: if it’s a bear, it might mean new strength. The meaning of the power animal is a personal thing as well that you need to discover to fully understand.

Once finding your power animal, it might take time to integrate it into your life, before the healing will begin.

But you will probably start seeing it everywhere you go, after your return from your shamanic journey. You might see it in the pictures of magazines, on TV, or in some cases: in real life, walking along the river bank, for example.

Obviously it can be a huge help and inspiration to have a shaman bring healing into your life, and for many people this might be enough. But it is always better to be self empowered.

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How Can Shamanic Trance Music Help You Break Through To The Spirit World?

How Can Shamanic Trance Music Help You Break Through To The Spirit World?

Drums are an important tool for the shaman. Shamanic trance music is not right without drumming in my opinion. The ever increasing rhythms of the oscillating drumming frequencies induces a trance state in the dancer, or listener, sometimes to the point of ecstasy. This helps to activate an entry into the spirit world.

The trance is the key to unlocking the power within. The trance cuts through logic, to connect with the subconscious, which is part of your true self. This takes you to places that otherwise would be impossible to visit. It takes you to the other side…

Shamanic Trance Music

You can visit the other side too, through the shamanic trance music that comes with this online tutorial.

Daniela Hills, the shaman who has created this course, is also producing a soon to be released shamanic trance dance music course, which is going to be amazing. The drumming music included in her: How To Do A Shamanic Journey Course is superb, and will put you in the right trance-like, meditative state to get you journeying quickly.

When I tried it, I found my power animal on my first try, and it was easy. The interesting thing about going into a trance is that I connected to both the spirit world and the real world at the same time. I could return anytime I wanted to, if I met evil spirits, and felt I did not want to meet them. If I had been in a hypnotized state I would not be in control.

For me, this is important. I always want to be in control of my shamanic experiences, and a trance state is perfect for this. I know that part of traditional shamanistic ritual means confronting the negative with pain and suffering, but this kind of shamanism is not for me. I have had enough pain and suffering in my life, and I prefer the New Age shamanism, which believes it is better to avoid negative energies entirely, and stay focused on the positive, which can also release blockages.

How Is Spiritual Wisdom And Understanding Connected To Mind, Body And Soul?

How Is Spiritual Wisdom And Understanding Connected To Mind, Body And Soul?

Wisdom is the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgement. Spiritual wisdom and understanding includes these qualities too, but takes it a step further to include experience beyond our physical world…

Spiritual Wisdom And Understanding

It is unwise to focus only on your physical being, when your spiritual self is also in need of care and attention. On the other hand, there are those who focus purely on their spiritual selves, and ignore the physical. Both ways are wrong.

In Buddhism: the middle way is the right way. I’m not a Buddhist, but this makes total sense to me.

This means you must find balance.

Some people love to live in the spiritual realm through ritual, meditation, energy treatments, and seminar addiction, etc. They ignore their physical health. To be whole, one must be balanced in mind, body and spirit.

This mean exercising all three, and eating properly. Releasing energetic blockages will give you new energy, but so will finding and bringing back your power animal through a shamanistic journey, or stimulating your mind with new information.

I think a shamanic journey is a great way to find balance.

Spiritual wisdom and understanding would agree. It’s right, because it grounds your body, harmonizes your brain, introduces new information, and revitalizing energy, and connects you to the spirit world.

The intense drumming beats can be physically felt all the way down to the cellular level, and the spirit world can be seen in your minds eye as you go on your journey. It’s both an exercise of the subconscious mind, and the imagination.

It’s easy to learn physical exercises, and it is easy to learn how to do a shamanic journey too. It is also a lot of fun.

Perhaps this is the most important thing to remember when finding balance in mind, body and soul: have fun doing it.

Make sure the food you eat is tasty and healthy, and the same goes for the spiritual on-line courses you take: Take a shamanic journey now!

Ancient Knowledge Is Wisdom, Buy Not Always Wise?

Ancient Knowledge Is Wisdom, Buy Not Always Wise?

Ancient knowledge is wisdom, and wisdom is knowledge. If the knowledge we desire is ancient, and we still know about it today, then it probably is worth knowing, because it must be wise indeed. Knowledge that survives the centuries must be worth handing down to each generation.

We know this because the ancient knowledge that the world is flat was handed down to us as a scientific fact. We look back upon it today, and laugh at our ancient limitations.

Ancient Knowledge Is Wisdom

Limitations seem to be the word that best describes knowledge that is unwise.

Ancient knowledge that is unwise is filled with limitations of understanding the larger truth. It was the rats that carried the black plague not the Jews who many believed had poisoned the wells that caused it.

Knowledge is power.

The wrong knowledge used to create fear and hate is evil. But it is also handed down to each generation as a warning that there is a difference between truth and lies, made to look like the truth based on peoples fear and ignorance.

One ancient knowledge and wisdom that has survived the test of time is shamanism.

It is probably the oldest form of human experience, other than hunting and eating. Signs of shamanistic ritual can be found in the French caves that depict the oldest shamanistic ritual ever painted.

We know that many shamanistic practises are based on universal wisdom, because they have bee handed down through the generations, and morphed into New Age shamanism. A shamanistic journey works for people to bring harmony into their lives today, as it did at the beginning of time.

Some knowledge is essential to our well being, and part of our most primeval selves, just waiting to be rediscovered:

Experience a shamanic journey, and bring balance into your life.

Why Can A Shamanism Symbol Be Anything?

Why Can A Shamanism Symbol Be Anything?

Traditional shamanic symbols are easy to recognize. A shamanism symbol of the New Age can be anything you want it to be, so can an altar or a shrine. Below are a few traditional symbols:

Shamanism Symbol

Norse and Viking symbols (Asatru symbols):

Yggdrasil Triple horn svegvisir Nine worlds Helm of awe
Yggdrasil Odin’s Horn Valknut Vegvisir Nine Worlds Helm of Awe
Jormungander Mjolnir- Thor's hammer Runes Shield Knot Troll cross
Jormungandr Mjolnir Runes Shield Knot Troll Cross Solar Cross
Hugin and Munin Gungnir Spirit Ship Sleipnir Mjolnir- Thor's hammer Irminsul
Hugin & Munin Gungnir Spirit Ship Sleipnir Mjolnir Irminsul
Ormgudinna Nidstang Wolf's Cross Wolf's Cross
Web of Wyrd Ormgudinna Nidstang Sleipnir Einherjar Wolf’s Cross
Oseburg Triceps Julbock

With a New Age shamanism symbol, the modern day shaman can create their own power symbols, but often the designs are based on the traditional ones. Combinations are used: like the spiral combined with the infinity symbol, and a pyramid. Celtic symbols, and animals are often used too. But it’s all about the shaman’s intention the shaman uses to bind and power point for the ritual. This is done for altars or shrines too.

A shamanic symbol is a representation of a particular intention, weather that is to keep energy,  to transmit it, or to get rid of negative energy, and more…  A symbol that is meaningful for the shaman is one that carries her intention. It can be anything in theory…

The chart above shows some Norse and Viking symbols the Asatru symbols. But there are many others from all over the world some with similar intentions attached to them, others that are quite different, depending on the culture: see a great symbol dictionary here.

Generally speaking, the point of a New Age Shamanism Symbol is to use positive intentions to rid yourself of negative blockages or energy. This can be done through traveling to the spirit world to find and bring back your power animal. Daniela Hills will show you how to do this in a quick, simple and powerful way: Do a shamanic journey now!

New Online course “How to do a Shamanic Journey to find and bring back your Power Animal”

New Online course “How to do a Shamanic Journey to find and bring back your Power Animal”

I have been teaching Shamanic Journeying for many years, and finally I can offer this course online! I am excited to seeing you there 🙂

So why should you do a Shamanic Journey?
If you want to make contact with your spirit guides, spirit animals, power animals, angles, ancestors, elders, or departed shamans, and if you want to find out more about yourself, or finding answers to questions, than a shamanic journey will be very helpful.
Maybe you tried to do this already through a meditation, but it didn’t really work out for you, because doing a meditation is not your thing.
A shamanic journey is similar to a meditation, but done in a different way. So you don’t need to pack your suitcase for this experience. You will do this journey with the help of a special kind of drumming music, that I will provide here for you.

What is a Power Animal, and why should you bring it back into your life?
Symbolically speaking, a Power Animal is a part of you. Power Animals are a reflection of your deepest self.
It represent qualities which you have, or need, in this life. Often these qualities are hidden, because of a shock or trauma.
Through this journey we focus on how to find your Power Animal, and bring it back into your life, so that you will experience more energy and Inner peace.